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Top 10 Free Meme Making App For Android Users: Free Meme Making Apps.

Top 10 Free Meme Making App For Android Users: Free Meme Making Apps.

Nowadays whether be it a social media or chatting app, memes are everywhere. The creative and well-created meme is worth a thousand words and all you need is the best meme app and your android phone to create.

You can easily create trending meme with the help of meme creator app. There is plenty of free meme generator on Play Store which allows you to create high-quality modern and funny memes.

We have filtered the list and have listed the top 10 free meme-making apps for Android.

 Top 10 free meme-making apps for Android.

1. Meme Generator free

It is a free app and one of the most popular meme making app for Android users. It includes 700+ pre-loaded images and numerous example captions which can be used. You can use any image that fits your need or import your own picture, add text, stickers and unleash it upon the world.

It allows you to create a meme equivalent of a nuclear weapon by allowing to combine several memes into a single multi-panel meme.

The developers frequently add new memes for increasing freshness and relevancy. This app despite being totally free doesn't pollute your content with watermarks and advertisements.

Meme Generator freeFind Meme Generator free on PlayStore

2. Mematic –Make your own meme

Mematic can be viewed as the best meme-making app due to its simplest User Interface. Once you've installed and clicked the make a meme option, it will take you to the next page where you can select the available image or select it from your gallery.

This app allows you to simply add text and alter background as well. It allows you to share instantly or save it in your phone's gallery.

MematicFind Mematic –Make your own meme on Play Store

3. Meme Creator

Meme Creator includes a huge collection of memes and custom fonts. You can also customize the appearance of the meme to your heart's content, combine it with other memes for generating meme cartoons and share instantly on social media platforms.

Meme Creator is a free app which allows you to do lots of meme magic and export without leaving watermarks.

Meme CreatorFind Meme Creator on Play Store

4. Memedroid- Memes, Gifs, Funny Pics & Meme Maker

Using Memedroid is fun because it allows ranking the memes according to internal system's voting. It also allows you to upload your meme to their database.

You can easily add text to some of the famous memes faces you see on the internet. The great thing about this app is that it is available offline too but you should spend a little penny out of your pocket.

Memedroid- Memes, Gifs, Funny Pics & Meme MakerFind Memedroid- Memes, Gifs, Funny Pics & Meme Maker on Play Store

5. GATM Meme Generator

GATM Meme Generator allows you to make memes with a pre-existing template or add a new template. It also allows you to load new pictures and make memes of your choice.

The good thing about this meme making app is that it allows you to look at images on the internet directly.

You can create creative memes using plenty of features and your created memes will be saved in a gallery present in the app without watermark.

GATM Meme GeneratorFind GATM Meme Generator on Play Store

6. Instameme

Instameme includes plenty of preloaded memes and allows you to make memes from the pictures of your gallery too. It consists of 5000 meme templates and allows you to add texts, filters, emojis and troll faces. You can utilize plenty of features and create a creative meme.

The only downside of Instameme is its size. It is nearly 23MB which is a bit heavy.

InstamemeFind Instameme on Play Store

7. Straight Outta Meme Maker

Straight Outta Meme Maker is one of the perfect meme-making apps online. It is just 2.23MB and as its name suggests, it makes meme which is like " Straight Outta__". You can make your meme coloured or B/W.

It allows you to change the font as well as add background image if needed. This app cannot fulfil your all meme-making requirements but can be perfect if you are looking for a simple meme maker.

Straight Outta Meme MakerFind Straight Outta Meme Maker on Play Store

8. Thug Life Photo Maker Editor

It is an app with a fairly large size but allows you to do a lot of things. It allows you to add filters from a wide range of filters. It includes goggles, caps, cigarette photos and necklaces.

It covers quite massive gallery and keeps getting larger after you watch some videos.

Thug Life Photo Maker EditorFind Thug Life Photo Maker Editor on Play Store

9. Video & GIF

Video & GIF can be useful if you want to share animated GIF memes. It allows you to instantly convert any video or GIF into a viral meme which surely will be admired.

The key features of this app include mixed file type support, square video support for Instagram, multiple video settings, text adjustments and video/GIF trimming.

Video & GIFFind Video & GIF on Play Store

10. Giphy

Giphy is not new if you are using Facebook's Messenger. Installing this app on your device will make you easier to create and post memes in the messenger as well as other social media platforms. You can create your account here as well.

The best part of this meme maker is that it includes many categories in which memes are divided like memes, templates, music, reactions, Bollywood meme etc.

GiphyFind Giphy on Play Store

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