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Pokemon Go : Learn how to take snapshot of Landorus in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go : Learn how to take snapshot of Landorus in Pokemon Go.

In the mobile gaming scene, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular names. This game aims at bringing its players as close to the world of Pokemon using new-age technology called Augmented Reality. It also uses GPS to create a simulated world of Pokemon for the players. In this simulated world, players can battle amongst friends, catch new Pokemon, participate in events, go on raids and many more.

The good news for players is that this game consistently brings new features to try out. So now, players want to learn how to take a snapshot of Landorus in Pokemon Go.

How to take a snapshot of landorus in Pokemon Go?

Snapshot is the latest features added to Pokemon Go. You as a player can click snaps of your Pokemon, buddies or other elements in the game. You can use the snapshot feature to have some fun around or sometimes complete a research task too.

Pokemon Go Landrous Snapshot is the latest research task that involves this feature. Now, let's look at how to take Pokemon Go Landorus Snapshot.

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Method 1:

•  First of all you will have to select Pokemon (Landorus) from your Pokemon collection.

•  Now, click the camera icon from the top-left corner which opens the Snapshot feature.

•  If AR+ is enabled, pan the camera around the environment. If it finds the flat surface you will see the yellow footsteps appear. Now simply click the yellow footsteps to make the Pokemon appear on that spot.

•  If AR+ is not enabled, the Pokemon will just walk into the environment.

Method 2:

•  Simply select the camera icon from the bag, select the Pokemon and snap away.

Bonus tip: (Pokemon Poses)

There are several Pokemon poses. They will strike a pose when you tap them once. To make your Pokemon turn towards your position, tap and rub it. You can also use the button in the bottom left corner to recall your Pokemon and Place it in a different position.

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