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Xbox One Console: How to gameshare on Xbox with your family members or companion

Xbox One Console: How to gameshare on Xbox with your family members or companion

Sharing game on Xbox with a trusted companion is perfect ways to save money on gaming. You and your companion can take a turn to buy games and get access simply by switching Xbox settings.

We are here to make clear on how to game share on Xbox with a full explanation of the process and some important points to be remembered.

Before learning how to game share on Xbox it is crutial to know and understand about game sharing. Game sharing is the features offered by Xbox to allow sharing games and Xbox Live Gold with a single companion.

Both of the users can share games and play the titles available in digital game libraries. Now, if you want to game share and yet don't know, we will explain in detail on how to game share on Xbox.


Xbox one console

Trusted companion -maybe your friend or family members.

Xbox live account.

How to game share on Xbox?

Follow these steps to game share on Xbox.

Share your information

Before starting the process, you and your companion need each other system's access. So, your partner should be ready to share account information including the email and matching password associated with your Xbox accounts. For exchanging libraries, you will need to follow the process twice, to connect your Xbox to their account and connect their Xbox to your account.

Game share on Xbox

First step is to select the icon available at the top left corner of the homescreen. 

Go to the user account menu and select "Add new" from the available option and add both the accounts.

Xbox console add new account


Second step is to make your companion's Xbox your "Home Xbox".

For this go to "Settings" and find " Personalize". Now, look for " Make my home Xbox". Register the system as your default device from the menu. The description reads ' If you make this your home Xbox, people can play games without having to sign in as you". This is exactly what we are looking for.

Xbox console home Xbox


The final step is to go to your game library. Go to "My Games and Apps" and select "Ready to install". You will see a list of all the games that are accessible to your account. Now, your partners game also will be included and you can enjoy varieties of your favourite games.

Note: Sharing also allows you to split Xbox Live Gold account.


The process is greatly helpful but there are few things to keep in mind. Once your companion accesses your personal details they will be able to purchase on Xbox store through your account. 

So, care must be taken on what type of information is to be saved on your account. This process is highly recommended to only family members and close companions.

Don't ever lay your trust on the random people online and we believe you are smart enough to handle those issues. You can make changes to "My Home Console" only 3 times a year.  So be careful about the number of time you change "My Home Console" otherwise you will be ended up with someone else's console as your Home Xbox

Some other useful information on game sharing on Xbox

You can share all EA access games. They don't show up in "Ready to install" section but EA Access Hub can be downloaded and free games can be downloaded from there.

Your Live Gold membership will also be shared on game sharing Xbox.

Both the person will be able to play the same game simultaneously.

You are allowed to game share with only one person at a time.

You and your companion can change your Xbox live passwords after game sharing.

Following these quick and easy steps help you to game share on Xbox within a short interval of time. Game share on Xbox with your family members and companion and enjoy the varieties of games.

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