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Top 10 Free Android Camera Apps For Improving Your Photographic Experience

Top 10 Free Android Camera Apps For Improving Your Photographic Experience

Nowadays cameras on a smartphone are of a greater deal than they used to be before. Many smartphones companies are working to make smartphone cameras more reliable, perform better in low light and add other features for improving performance.

Camera apps can take your photography to the next level because native camera apps don't provide the best results in most of the cases. These camera apps can help you apply effect at the shooting stage so that you don't need to edit it later.

Android offers a wide range of third-party camera apps for improving your photographic experience. In this article, we will discuss the top 10  free android camera apps.

Top 10  Free Android Camera Apps

1. Google Camera Port

The best thing about Pixel phones is their stellar cameras. But hardware alone is not responsible for producing great results. It's due to some fancy tricks included on Google's camera software. This same app can be installed and used on other devices for improving camera quality.

Google Camera

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2. Camera MX

Camera MX is a free camera app that comes along with inbuilt editing tools, features and special effects. The camera interface features frames, overlays, FX menu loaded with filters, tap-to-focus, zoom and timer.

It offers plently of filters that can be previewed and applied in real-time to videos and photos. It also includes powerful editing tools in its gallery for contrast, white balance, straightening to name few.

Camera MX

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3. Open Camera

You can use Open Camera in place or alongside your default camera app. It offers features like multiple focus modes, colour effects, exposure compensation, white balance and other important aspects of your composition.

With overlay grid it allows you to can balance photo dimension. You can snap photos either by touch or remotely through voice commands. Simply say " cheese " to have a hand-free selfie in no time.

Some devices support its new features like aperture control, flash for manual ISO, some interface tweaks and additional custom video profiles.

Open Camera

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4. A Better Camera

You can expect some good features with A Better Camera as the name suggests. It offers a wide selection of modes from night mode to object removal mode to burst mode and many more.

The good thing about this app is, it includes HDR mode.

A Better Camera

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5. Camera360

Camera360 is a lightweight camera app offering varieties of funny stickers and other live image editing tools.

It comes with varieties of shot mode, setting and tool for improving your photographic experience. Its Camera Mode can give you the exact look by bringing out skin tone and visual ambience.

It offers other features like saturation, contrast, white balance and other adjustments.


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6. Cymera Camera

If you are the selfie enthusiast, you should definitely check Cymera Camera for sprucing up your self-portraits. It offers camera controls like tap-to-auto-focus, pinch-to-zoom as well as brightness controls. It offers shoot settings for a shot timer, anti-shake and touch shooting.

Cymera is also best for beautifying your shoots as it provides a range of filters, stickers and transformation tools like blemish concealers, stretch tool for making you taller or widen or narrow hips and many more.

Cymera Camera

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7. Footej Camera

The free version of Footej Camera offers varieties of shot modes and settings but even more capabilities in a premium version for pros and photography enthusiasts.

Footej Camera takes advantage of newer hardware and Camera 2 API for providing focus settings, manual ISO control, ability to set focus, shutter speed controls and many more.

You can enjoy other features like slow motion, burst mode and recording. More options and tweaks are added in the premium version such as reduction of burst mode shot interval and a photo histogram.

Footej Camera

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8. Prisma

Prisma is one-trick pony which transforms your photos and images into mimic classic works of Picasso, Mondrian, Munch and Van Gogh. You can simply turn your blasé breakfast picture into regular Lichtenstein. 

Simply apply Prisma style on your photos and don't worry about the watermark at the bottom of the photo which can be easily turned off from the app's settings menu.


Find Prisma on Google

9. ProShot

Proshot is one of the some few apps which were launched in Windows phone previously. We are glad that it is developed as an Andorid app that offers some great features.

It allows you to manually control compression, aspect ratio as well as shoot as RAW. It offers some other additional features like time-lapse videos, burst mode for action shots and group shots with a timer.


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10. Hypocam

We find many camera apps including black-and-white filters but what's special about Hypocam? Well, the best part about Hypocam is that it is entirely monochrome. You can't find any drop of colour from composing the shot to exporting it.

The entire UI is black and white along with live view display for composing an image to library and export functions.

The integrated newsfeed allows you to peek at the latest uploads if you enjoy checking out other people's work.


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