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How to enable two-factor authentication on Google and Gmail?

How to enable two-factor authentication on Google and Gmail?

Maximizing online security is extremely important in today's digital world. If you are using a strong password, it a good start but you should go one step further. You should enable two-factor authentication along with a good password to make your account secured.

Two-factor authentication adds another privacy layer to your account. You will be required to add a randomized code along with a password to access your account. Google account is one of the most important accounts and you should not compromise regarding its security.

The good news is, it is very simple and quick to enable two-factor authentication and can be done in a few different ways.

What actually is two-factor authentication?

Tow-factor authentication is the most widespread method to secure accounts. You should authenticate that you are the correct user by supplying your password as well as unique code supplied through your phone or an external app.

The person trying to access your account must have access on your physical device as well as your virtual password which makes social engineering hack or simple password crack more insufficient to access your account.

How to enable two-factor authentication on Gmail and Google?

Google allows to enable two-factor authentication in a variety of ways but the default is the easiest one. When you try logging in through unknown device, you'll receive a prompt on phone or table where you are logged in. Simply tap that prompt and confirm that was you. Now, let's go through some simple steps to enable two-factor authentication in Gmail.

1. First, log in to your Google account by navigating on your desktop.

google my account

2. Select the " Security" tab from the left-hand panel.

Security option

3. Click " 2-Step Verification"  under " Signing into Google" and click " Get Started".

Getting started with two step verification

4. Now, Google asks to verify it's you. Simply input your password in " Enter your password" section.

Enter your password to verify it's you

5. Read the instructions carefully and click " Try It Now".

Try two step verification

6. Select " Yes" from the pop-up window.

Google prompt to android device

7. You will be asked to enter your phone number as a backup in case Google Prompt doesn't work.

Input a number for text message

8. You will receive a code in your phone through text message. Enter the code and click " Next".

Enter a code and verify

9. Finally, click " Turn On" to enable two-factor authentication.

Turn on two-step verification on Google

Now, two-factor authentication will be enabled on Google and Gmail. You can enter the only password while logging in your normal device but always get prepared with your mobile while logging in with new devices.

How to set up Google Authenticator?

You can enable Google Authenticator if you don't want codes via text message. They will provide you with randomly generated codes from programs like 1Password, Authy or Google's own authenticator. This app is completely free to use and can even be used with other website or apps that support two-factor apps.

Follow the below steps if you want to start using the Authenticator app.

1. From the 2-Step Verification page scroll down to find " Authenticator app" and click " Set Up".

Setup authenticator app

2. Select which phones you have and click " Next". ( Android in our case)

Choose the device for using authenticator app

3. Now, from your phone head towards Google Play Store.

4. Search for " Google Authenticator" and Install it.

Google Authenticator

5. Open the app after installation and tap " Get Started".

6. Tap " Scan a barcode" and  " Allow" to grant camera access.

7. Again head towards your computer and click " Next".

Scan bar code form authenticator app

8. Enter the code shown on the Authenticator app and click " Verify".

9. Finally, click " Done" to finalize the process.

Two-factor authentication enabled using Google authenticator

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