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How to create a Gmail account?

How to create a Gmail account?

Table of contents:

Definition of e-mails.

How to create a Gmail account?

How to sign in to Gmail account?

How to sign out of Gmail account?

Gmail Settings.

How to add contacts to Gmail?

How to import contacts in Gmail?

E-mail (electronic mail) is the online method of exchanging messages using various electronic devices. The E-mail came in to use in the 1960s but could transfer message to the users of the same computer. In 1971 Ray Tomlinson invented the mailing system that could send mails between users of different hosts.

At present, we can't even imagine the advancement of technology which has offered numerous features in our mailing system. It is not just limited to text messages as in earlier days.

Nowadays e-mail has almost completely replaced our traditional pencil and paper mail system. So, it has been a compulsion for every individual to have their own e-mail address. 

There are various e-mail platforms and catching up a single platform is enough. Gmail by Google is a popular e-mail platform nowadays. Gmail is popular because of its features and compatibility. Google has interlinked its products which make Gmail communicate with Google drive and other Google-related products.

Now, let's learn how to create a personal Gmail account.

How to create a Gmail account?

To get started with Gmail, first, you should create Google account. Gmail, first redirects you towards the Google sign up page. It will ask you for some basic information such as name, gender, birth date, location and also a name for your new Gmail address. After creating a Google account, you can add contacts and adjust your mail settings.

Let's crawl through some steps to create a Gmail account.

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Click Create account.

Gmail. create account

Step 3: You will see a sign-up form. Fill all the required information and click Next.

Create your Google account

Step 4: Enter the phone to verify your account. To ensure security Google uses two-step verification.

Gmail verification 1

Step 5: Enter the verification code sent by Google and click Verify.

Gmail verification..

Step 6: Google asks to fill the basic information such as name, gender and birthday. Fill all the information and click Next.


Step 7: Go through Google's Terms of Servies and Privacy Policy and click I agree.

Google's terms and services

Note: Always consider creating a strong password. A strong password is the combination of characters, special characters and numbers and difficult for someone to guess.

Now you are done with creating your Google account. Let us see how to sign in to the account.

New gmail login

How to sign in to Gmail account?

At first, you will automatically be signed in to your account. However, most of the time you may need to sign in or sign out of the account. Signing out is necessary if you are using another's computer in the office or library.

Signing in:

Step 1: Navigate toward

Step 2: Enter your username and password and click Next.

Gmail sign in

 Pretty easy steps right?

Signing out:

Click to your account available at the top right corner. You will see sign out option available. Simply click it and you be signed out of Gmail.

Gmail sign out

Gmail Settings

You may want to make some adjustments to Gmail's appearance or behaviour.  You may want to edit your labels, create a signature, change theme or create a vacation reply. These adjustments are available in the Settings section.

Step 1: Click the gear icon available on the top right corner.

Gmail Settings

Step 2: Select Settings. Now you can make changes to your Gmail account according to the categories available.

Gmail Settings

How to add Contacts in your Gmail account?

Gmail also allows you to save contacts as all of the major email providers do. You can add emails, phone numbers, birthdays as well as physical addresses of the person so that you don't have to memorize it.

Step 1: Click Google apps icon.

Google apps

Step 2: Select Google's Contact app.

Google's contact

Step 3: Click Add new Contacts and enter the contact information and click Save.

Google's contacts

Google also allows you to edit the saved contacts. Follow the above steps and on selecting particular contacts Edit Contact option is available on the right side of contacts.

How to import all mail and contacts from another mail account?

If you have a contact list in another account you will waste a lot of time if you try to re-enter them manually. Gmail offers the feature to import all the contacts and mails from another email account like Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL. Follow these steps to import contacts from another email account.

Step 1: Click the gear icon at the top right corner of the page and click Settings.

Google's Settings

Step 2: Click the Accounts and Imports tab and click Import mails and contacts option.

Google's contacts import

Follow all the on-screen instructions to import all of your contacts and emails.

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