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How to stop pop ups in google chrome ? Step-wise solution

How to stop pop ups in google chrome ? Step-wise solution

Google provides a pretty good feature about keeping pop-up windows under control in chrome browser. There can be a sea of pop-up windows that invades your traditional browsing experience indicating a problem. But it is not a matter of worry, we have some Google chrome tips for dealing with such an annoying advertisement.

The easiest and detailed method for stopping pop-up in chrome is explained below. However, the easiest way to start though is making sure that your Google chrome is up to date

 Enable chrome's pop-ups blocking feature

The good news is that chrome itself provides the pop-ups blocking feature. To enable this feature, follow these steps.

 Click to the Chrome menu in the upper right corner having three dots.

Screenshot (91)

 Go to settings and type pop in the search bar.

Screenshot (92)

 Click to site settings and move to pop-ups and redirects.

Screenshot (93) copy

 Initially, it says 'Allowed', click to pop-ups and redirects and turn off the switch next to 'Allowed'.

Screenshot (95) copy

Check the approved list of your site

To follow these steps first follow the above steps and proceed. Scroll down and click on the three dots on the right side and select remove to remove the site from the list.

Screenshot (96) copy

Scan for Malware

 It may not always be the case that pop-ups are coming from the website you visit, they might be from some malware that causes trouble on your system. So, Google search to find and install the anti-malware software. Quickly download and install it. You can fully scan your system in safe mode and if you do not find anything you can try the next app just to be sure that your system isn't infected.


  Uninstall odd Software

 It can be a good option too because you might have accidentally installed odd apps. If you find an app that looks strange, just remove the programs. It might also have contributed to pop-ups in Chrome. To complete this action…..        Go to the windows control panel ( or setting-> system-> apps in windows 10 ) and remove odd software.

Screenshot (97) copy

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