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7 Chrome flags to enable to improve your browsing experience - What is Chrome Flags?

7 Chrome flags to enable to improve your browsing experience - What is Chrome Flags?

 In this article, we are going to discuss Chrome flags and their uses for improving browsing experiences. Chrome browser is one of the most preferred browsers whether be it a smartphone or PC. Chrome itself includes varieties of features and is constantly updated for better user experience time and often. If you want to surf the web and customize your experience, we are here with the list of some of the best chrome flags that you should definitely check out.

What actually are Chrome flags?

 Chrome flags are experimental tweaks that are not instantly visible ( Buried deep) that helps to add extra functionality. This functionality can change UI or improve performance. Some flags even allow you to check out features before they hit Chrome officially. 

Chrome flags can help you with speedy file downloads, memory saving, or even faster internet protocols.

How to access Chrome flags?

To access Chrome flags, go to Google Chrome and enter "chrome://flags" in the URL bar and hit Enter. Now, you will see the list of various flags along with the list that is currently supported on Chrome along with their operational details.

You can check out each flag in detail by Google search or by appending identifier to this URL: chrome://flags/#flag identifier here]. To add flag tap on the drop-down menu that appears next to the flag and select " Enable". You can disable it from here but remember to restart the browser to apply the changes.

Best Google Chrome Flags that makes Browsing Experience Better

1. Parallel Downloading: Suitable for fast downloads

If you don't like waiting for movies, music, or software Parallel Downloading can help you to decrease file download time. This action is achieved by splitting the tasks into parallel jobs running at the same time.

You will definitely notice time improvement but you won't see each job running separately. This flag helps to increase downloads speed for all types of files.

Parallel Download Chrome FlagSource:

2. Automatic Password Generation: Suitable for password generation

It is a handy little flag that helps to generate a strong password automatically for your account sign up pages. A contextual menu appears on right-click inside a password field once enabled. From here select " Suggest Strong Password".

It helps to save your effort and time but works only when Google Sync is enabled.

Automatic Password GenerationSource:

3. Experimental QUIC Protocol: Suitable for fast browsing

Flag QUIC ( pronounced as quick) Protocol is the latest internet protocol that combines the best of TCP and UDP. It works by making the web traffic look like generic layer 4 UDP traffic that helps to speed up web surfing and increase security.

Once enabled, the web pages seem to load faster but is still in its experimental phase.

Experimental QUIC ProtocolSource:

4. Proactive Tab Freeze and Discard: Suitable for saving memory

Do you know that every tab you open consumes about 50 MB of memory? If you are opening 10 tabs your 500MB of memory is going to waste.

When this flag has enabled any tabs that are not in use will stop to eat your device's memory. If you to that tab again, it will reload to the same state but before it was frozen.

Proactive Tab Freeze and DiscardSource:

5. Omnibox Tab Switch Suggestion: Suitable for switching tabs quickly

This flag can save your time by allowing you to switch to a recently opened tab as a part of your search. For example, if you type " Hotel" in the Omnibox and you already have a tab opened on, now you can select " Switch to this tab" on the right to quickly switch to that tab.

 It allows an easy way to jump to opened tabs but suitable only when you have lots of tabs opened.

Omnibox Tab Switch SuggestionSource:

6. Enable Reader Mode: Suitable for easy reading

If you enable this flag, you will be able to take advantage of Chrome's reader mode which is known as Distill page. You can strip extra elements like images from the web page leaving the only text. 

You can distill page by going to a particular web page and selecting the " Distill page " option from the top-right menu of the Chrome browser.

Enable Reader ModeSource:

7. Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

We all are aware of dark mode and have been embracing it as it comforts our eyes. Chrome brought dark theme update only a while ago. You can make changes on the dark mode by going to Settings> Themes > Dark. This flag enables dark mode to all the web pages as well. To enable it to search for " Force Dark " and turn on a flag – Force Dark Web Contents.

Force Dark Mode for Web ContentsSource:


There are many other Chrome flags to try out but we have listed some of the most useful flags that you should definitely use for your better browsing experience. Some Chrome flags are still in the experimental phase so make sure to thoroughly go through the features and functionality before enabling them.

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