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iPhone SE 2020 Release Date and Price

iPhone SE 2020 Release Date and Price

The iPhone is the smartphone launched by Apple. It includes iPod, Computer and Digital camera with a touchable interface. The iPhone runs iOS operating system. Apple released its first generation of the iPhone on June 29,2007. It offers advanced camera, iCloud feature, more than 80,000 apps and virtual voice assistant (Siri) to name a few.  Apple has been regularly improving and releasing its phone with the flow of time.

iPhone SE was Apple's first-generation phone and had discontinued in September 2018. iPhone SE series was best in terms of money. Due to its affordable price fans had been asking for a replacement ever since. It can be viewed as the best low-cost iPhone that has all the ingredients. This phone replaces iPhone 8 with 4.7 Retina display, Touch ID sensor, Wireless charging to list few. It excludes face ID, fast charging mode and night mode camera. However, it is the winner and one of the perfect low price phones.

iPhone SE 2020 Release Date and Price

The pre-orders for SE 2020 are opened now but the release date is set for April 24. They already began through retailers and Apple's official site on April 17.

The SE2020 price ranges from $399 to $549. 64 GB of storage is available for $399 but it can be upgraded to 128 GB for $449 and 256 GB for $549. SE 2020 is available through all of the major careers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Through its financial plan, Apple is offering a brand new iPhone SE at $ 16.62/month. You will only get $ 30 if you are upgrading from iPhone 6 or the original iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2020 Design and Displays

iPhone SE 2020 Design and Displays


The looks of SE 2020 are familiar to iPhone 8. It can be said that SE 2020 is replacing iPhone 8 in Apple's lineup. The outer cover is made up of aluminium and glass. Underneath the screen is a Touch ID button for unlocking the device, authorizing app downloads and using Apple Pay. It is available in three colours-Black, White and Red. It is rated for water resistance and can withstand being submerged in 1 meter of water for half an hour.

It offers 4.7 inches Retina displays. Retina display is based on a wide colour gamut True Tone technology. It offers Dolby Vision and HDR support. It is not a full HD panel with a resolution of 1334ˣ 750 pixels. There is no 3D touch but supports Haptic Touch for Quick actions.

iPhone SE 2020 Weight and Size

 Its size is 5.45ˣ 2.65ˣ 0.29 and weights 5.22 ounces. This size easily slips into most pockets and can be used using one hand.

iPhone SE size and weights


 iPhone SE 2020 Cameras

 It offers 12 MP cameras with an f/1.8 aperture similar to iPhone XR. According to Apple SE cameras are the best single-camera system ever. It includes image signal processor and Neural Engine in the A13 Bionic chip that offers computational photography.

It offers other advanced camera features like Smart HDR, optical image stabilization, auto-white balance, and auto-focus up to 3ˣ faster than previous iPhone SE. The 7MP front camera can take portraits with bokeh effects due to monocular depth estimation technology. It offers the recording feature of 4K video with 60 fps. The only drawback of SE cameras is the lack of Night Mode.

iPhone SE Cameas


iPhone SE 2020 Charging and Battery Life

 It offers the same battery life as the iPhone 8 which was rated for 12 hours of internet usage. However, the experiment should be done by individuals to verify it. It supports fast 18W charging. The box charger supports only 5W so you need to spring for the adapter. It also supports Qi wireless charging.

iPhone SE Battery


iPhone SE 2020 Specs and New Features

The A13 Bionic processor has offered plenty of benefits, not just boosting the camera. According to Apple, this chip offers 2.4 times faster performance than the A9 processor and 40% faster than the iPhone 8's A11 Bionic.

The improvement in Graphics is also seen as it offers twice the performance of the iPhone 8. This processor results in faster app launching, better gameplay, and smoother scrolling through apps. It also offers a wide range of augmented reality apps.

As stated earlier it comes with 64 GB of storage but can be upgraded up to 256 GB. Apple never lists the size of RAM but according to 9to5 Mac, it must have 3 GB.

From the above specifications, we can conclude that SE 2020 holds the best position for a cheap iPhone with good ingredients.

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