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Best Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Definitely Try.

Best Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Definitely Try.

Using keyboard shortcuts can boost up your performance and learning the best of them can make your computer experience efficient, fast and more enjoyable. If you tend to perform every task with the mouse's click, you will need several clicks to accomplish even a simple task.

There were plenty of classic keyboard shortcuts which will work on Windows 10 and there are some brilliant new ones added.

Yes, it is overwhelming to try learning every Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts, but you can consider only frequently used shortcuts for making things easier.

Now, we are going to discuss the best Windows 10 keyboard shortcut that you should definitely use for operating desktop and navigating apps.

Best Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts.

Let's categorize the Window 10 keyboard shortcuts into Windows key shortcuts, File Explorer shortcuts, Desktop shortcuts, Command Prompt shortcuts and Crucial shortcuts.

Crutial Shortcuts

Crutial shortcuts are those shortcuts that all Windows 10 users should know and learn.

Keyboard ShortcutsFunction
Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert
Copies the selected items into the clipboard
Ctrl + A
Selects all entire content
Ctrl + X
Cuts the selected items into the clipboard
Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert
Paste the content from the clipboard
Ctrl + Y
Redo an action
Ctrl + Z
Undo an action
Ctrl + Shift + N
Creates a new folder on File Explorer or Desktop
Ctrl + D
Deletes the item  to Recycle Bin
Alt + F4
Close program or shut down
Keyboard ShortcutsFunction
Windows key + A
Opens Action Center
Windows key + D
 Hides and Displays the desktop
Windows key + E
Opens File Explorer
Windows key + I
Opens Settings
Windows key + L
Locks device
Windows key + V
Opens Clipboard bin
Windows key + . or ;
Opens emoji panel
Windows key + PrtScn
Captures screenshot and sends to Screenshots folder
Windows key + Shift + S
Captures a part of Window with Snip and Sketch
Keyboard ShortcutsFunction
Windows key + Right arrow key
Snaps window or app to the right
Windows key + Left arrow key
Snaps window or app to the left
Takes screenshot and stores into the clipboard
Rename selected file and folders
Alt + Tab
Switches between opened apps
F5Refreshes the active window

File Explorer Shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutsFunctions
Alt + D
Selects address bar
Ctrl + F
Starts search
Ctrl + W
Closes the active window
Ctrl + N
Opens new window
Ctrl + Shift + N
Creates a new folder
Ctrl + Shift + number from 1-8
Changes the folder view
Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel
Changes view file and folder
EndScrolls the bottom of the window
HomeScrolls  to  the top of the window
Keyboard shortcutsFunctions
Alt + Enter
Opens the properties settings for a selected item
Alt + P
Displays the preview panel
Alt + Left arrow key
View the previous folder
Alt + Right arrow key
View the next folder
Rename the selected item
Switches the active window to full-screen mode.
Cycles through elements on the screen
Switches focus to address bar

Desktop Shortcuts

Those shortcut keys help to open, close, navigate and complete certain tasks more quickly through the desktop.

Keyboard ShortcutsFunction
Windows key  + Esc
Opens the start menu
Windows key + Number from 0-9
Opens app in the number position from the taskbar
Windows key + Alt + Number from 0-9
Opens jump list of the app in the number position from the taskbar.
Windows key + T
Cycles through apps in the taskbar
Windows key + M
Minimizes all windows
Windows key + Shift + M
Restores all minimized windows on the desktop
Windows key + Home
Maximizes or Minimizes the active window
Windows key + S
Opens search
Windows key + P
Opens project settings
Keyboard ShortcutsFunction
Ctrl + Arrow keys
Changes start menu size
Ctrl + Shift + Esc
Opens Task Manager
Ctrl + F5
Refreshes the current window
Ctrl + Alt + Tab
View open apps
Alt + F8
Reveals typed password in Sign-in screen
Ctrl + Spacebar
Enables or Disables Chinese IME
Enables app menu bar

Windows Shortcut

Keyboard ShortcutsFunction
Windows key + B
Sets focus notification area in the taskbar
Windows key + F
Launches Feedback Hub app
Windows key + C
Launces Cortana app
Windows key + Y
Changes input between desktop and Mixed Reality
Windows key + G
Opens Game bar app
Windows key + O
Locks device orientation
Windows key + H
Opens dictation feature
Windows key + R
Opens Run command
Windows key + X
Opens the Quick Link menu
Keyboard shortcutsFunction
Windows key + Ctrl + Enter
Opens Narrator
Windows key +  (+)
Zoom in using a magnifier
Windows key +  (-)
Zoom out using a magnifier
Windows key + Esc
Exit magnifier
Windows key + Ctrl + D
Creates a virtual desktop
Windows key + Ctrl + F4
Closes the active virtual desktop
Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B
Wakes up the device when black or a blank screen
Windows key + Pause
Shows System Properties dialogue box.

Command Prompt Shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutsFunction
Ctrl + C or Insert
Copies the selected items to the clipboard
Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert
Paste the content from the clipboard
Ctrl + A
Selects the entire content
Ctrl + Up arrow key
Moves screen up one line
Ctrl + Down arrow key
Moves screen down one line
Left or right arrow keys
Moves cursor right or left on the current session
Ctrl + F
Opens search for Command Prompt
Page up
Moves cursor one page up
Page down
Moves cursor one page down

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