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What is WordPress? 8 reasons for using Wordpress for creating website

What is WordPress? 8 reasons for using Wordpress for creating website

In this article, we are going to discuss WordPress and reason to use WordPress.

What is WordPress?

To define it simply, WordPress is the most popular and simplest platform to create your own website or blog. Currently, WordPress powers nearly one-third of the world's total website( 37.6 %) ranging from personal blogs to complex sites like Sony, Inc, Time to name few. Roughly speaking, more than one website within four websites you visit is likely to be powered by WordPress.

Looking technically, WordPress is an open-source content management system that is licensed under GPLv2. The literal meaning of this statement is that anyone can use or modify WordPress for free.

WordPress is the content management system which makes very easy to manage content without having programming knowledge.

WordPress comes under the list of three most used site building packages in the world. ( Joomla, Drupal and WordPress).

Joomla and Drupal require certain programming knowledge such as HTML, CSS and PHP. WordPress can also be worked at that level but it also includes features for beginners so that they can set up their site quickly.

What kinds of Site can be made using WordPress?

Some years ago, WordPress was primarily used for creating a blog post but it's not true nowadays. WordPress offers numerous ecosystem of plugins and themes due to the change in core code. You can create any kinds of a website using WordPress.

WordPress not only offers potential business sites and blogs but eCommerce stores as well. You can create Business websites, blogs, portfolio, resumes, eCommerce stores, forums, social networks and many more.

Difference between and vs wordpress.orgSource:

It is paid service powered by software for profit. It is simple and easy to use but much of the flexibility of the self-hosted WordPress is lost.

It is self-hosted, free and open-source WordPress software that can be installed on a web host and is 100% your own.

If you are thinking of having your own website, is the best option and all you have to do is to purchase web hosting and domain name for your site.

Reasons for Using WordPress

1. WordPress is totally free

WordPress is free site-building software. It allows you to download, install, modify and use it to match your needs. As mentioned above, any kinds of website like Business websites, blogs, portfolio, resumes, eCommerce stores, forums, social networks and many more can be easily made using WordPress.

WordPress software is completely free, all you need is your domain and web hosting to install it. A domain name is the address of your site through which users can access your website on the internet ( for example

You will need to make your all files available online at any time, to do this you will need Webhosting. Bluehost is officially recommended WordPress hosting provider and one of the largest hosting companies in the world.

You can get started $ 2.75 per month basically.

2. WordPress is very easy to customize with Themes and Plugins

Large numbers of WordPress users are neither programmers nor web designers and most of the people start using WordPress without any knowledge of web designing.

WordPress is the perfect platform for the non-tech person as it offers thousands of templates to choose for your site. You can find a perfect theme as per your need whether it is a blog, business site or eCommerce site.

Themes offered by WordPress are easy to customize because a lot of them come with customizable options like uploading logo, changing colours, changing background and many more without playing with code.

You can also use Plugins for adding extra functionality which can add advance features like analytics, membership area, contact forms and many more.

There are thousands of premium and free plugins that are available for use and some of them carry potential to change your website into a completely new platform.

3. Easy to manage

WordPress allows users to update themes and plugins from the admin dashboard due to its built-in updates management system.

 WordPress itself notifies whenever there is a new version of WordPress available and you can update it simply by clicking the button.

You can use WordPress backup plugins to protect your data from hacking and accidents. This plugins create backups and store on a remote location automatically.

4. SEO friendly

WordPress produces semantic markup as it is prepared using compliance high-quality code. This is the reason that a search engine like Google loves WordPress site and rank high on Google as compared to others.

WordPress is very SEO friendly by design and some other plugins can be used to further customize it.

5. Ability to handle different media types

WordPress isn't just capable of handling text. It can handle images, audio and video files with built-in media uploader.

6. WordPress is secure and safe

WordPress is considered very safe and secured platform for running a website however, sometimes the internet too can be an uncertain place like the real world. Hackers try to intrude as many sites as they can. But you can make your WordPress site secure by following some security guide.

Websites like Sucuri can be used to protect against common threats like brute force attacks and other malware.

7. Mobile responsive

WordPress sites are mobile responsive and this is also a factor that helps a site rank higher on Google. The beauty of the website is its ability to look responsive and good on any kind of devices. To do this WordPress offers plenty of responsive themes.

8. Built-in blog

WordPress is the content management system software, so it offers multiple features for making publishing easy. One of those features is a built-in blog which can be accessed from any device. These features make the publisher easy as they can directly create a blog without having to create one separately.

Even for the site that is not related to blogging, WordPress makes it easier to add updates or announcements.

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