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Social media timing : When is the best time to publish a blog post on Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Social media timing : When is the best time to publish a blog post on Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

In this article, we are going to discuss the science of social media timing. We will go through the best time to publish a blog post on the website and other social media timing such as Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram or Emails.

The job of a marketing plan in these modern days is to create spectacular content. Spectacular content helps to engage customers and leads and build healthy relationships as well as trust with the public.

People are always in search of helpful, useful and interesting content on the web and most of the publishers are already aware of it.

Content is one of the perfect methods to convey your message in front of many eyes in our ad-blocking world today.

You should immediately adopt content marketing strategies if you are not ready in the content game yet.

But during this game, you will probably get into a simple problem as every website or channel has its peak time as well as the time when no one is online.

What are the best channels for content?

Today is the world of social media and various other platforms that can provide you with tons of online web traffics. In spite of those infinite platforms, there are three channels that have dominated the other platforms completely. They are blogs, email and social media platform.

These three platforms are found to be the most common, most visited and most effective among all. But even if you have chosen the correct channel for your content, if you are not sending it out on the right time, you will definitely struggle.

How can you give yourself an extra push with proper timing?

Internet is a global village where people are browsing for content 24/7. Your content will be viewed only by a small percentage if you do not publish at the opportune moment.

 Let's have a look from an example: Suppose you publish content at 9 pm in Los Angeles which is midnight on the East Coast. This literally means that you are excluding a large chunk of customers. Your content may disappear when people wake up.

So, always be selective about the publishment time.

When is the best time to publish a blog post?

Blog post carries the longest lifespan than any other channels. People engage with a blog post that are years old and still find interesting.

So the question is how often you should publish a blog post?

According to research conducted in 2018,  a website that published more than 16 articles a month drove 3.5 times more traffics than the site with few articles. So, you should frequently work on your blog post for more and more engagements.

Publish a blog post during day time and you are likely to gain more engagements, but you will face a rigorous competition. This is opposite for night, low competition but fewer engagements.

So, it is difficult to move towards a conclusion from these simple factors. The specific market should be understood properly and some conclusion can be drawn from it.

So, if you want your blog to reach out to the maximum audience, the best time to publish a post is on Monday. This is because the weekend gets over and people looks for something interesting in order to get their job done.

Researchers suggest Saturday morning if you are looking for comments because people are relaxed and likely to engage with comments in the weekends.

Publish your content early morning on Monday or Thursday if you are looking for links.

These are some of the timing tactics, but this should not only be your priority. Blog post lasts longer and doesn’t expire quickly as social media posts or emails so, give more emphasis on promotion and content sharing through social media platforms.

Best time to post on Social media platforms.

Every media has its own pros and cons. You should consider posting on the right day and time in order to gain attention from a large number of users.

We will discuss Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram timing

The good thing about Instagram is that post stays longer as compared to Facebook and Twitter. But this is changing gradually because of growing content on the platform.

You can expect around 50% of comments within 6 hours and around 75% within two days. You can use an analytics tool like Iconosquare to view the location of your followers.

So, you can send your post in the morning to your followers and you know what, Instagram is often the first thing people engage with, in the morning.

You can schedule your post according to your followers time to receive more engagements.


Facebook timing

You can check Facebook's analytics to improve people's engagements and find out that works best for your audiences.

There is an in-built analytics tool in Facebook page in the section ( Facebook Page Insights). It provides you with information about active users time, their time zone and host of other data.

You can consider scheduling posts at different times throughout the day to study engagements.


Twitter timing

Twitter is another social media with a broad user base. You should post on a regular basis and try to post every hour.

You can carry out research on your own, and find out what time there are more engagements and see what works best for you.

Twitter is a platform where you should be engaging day and night continuously. Yes, this is impossible for us human to do, but you can schedule your post using tools like Buffer or MeetEdgar.


What is the best time to send out emails?

Sending out emails ( Email marketing) is one of the best R.O.I strategy for your business. According to research made in 2016, it provides average returns of $ 44 for every $1 spent.

The email has a higher conversion rate as compared to other social and search combined. You should use an email marketing strategy for sharing your content to increase engagements.

The best time to send email is in the morning than the afternoon and evenings. But don't send mail at the time 10 pm-6 am because only a few people tend to use emails at night.

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