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What is Quibi?

What is Quibi?

Quibi is a new video streaming app headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Jeffery Katzenberg in 2018. Quibi is short for "quick bytes and is a new streaming service built especially for mobile devices. It is another name for an ever-growing list of subscription-based media. It provides the original content like Hulu or Netflix.  Quibi is specialized in content that is built for quick consumption.

Quibi's episode is always less than 10 minutes and the movies are broken down into several episodes. As stated earlier it's all content is formatted for phones, so it allows portrait as well as landscape formats.

Quibi is pronounced as "kwih-bee" and not "kwih-bye". It has planned to spend $1.1 billion on content in the first year bringing more than 7,000 episodes in total. But these contents aren’t coming on the screen that doesn't fit in your hand. It offered around 50 original titles when the service launched in April 6 ranging from horror drama, comedy, news, sports and reality.

It's now available in Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. Quibi's content is divided into three major categories- Movies in chapters, Unscripted and Docs, and Daily Essentials. Movie's in chapters will run between two and two-and-a-half hours session each divided into 12 to 14 daily episodes. Quibi may release it on average, every two weeks. Reality shows, docs and competition shows will be a part of " Unscripted and Docs". These shows will have a recurring format and host. Finally, the category "Daily Essentials" will include a short burst of news, entertainment as well as lifestyle content.

According to Katzenberg Quibi is the convergence of two ideas-first and second generation of movie format. First-generation of the movie was, two-hour of movies designed to be watched in a single time, second-generation was long and serialized stories divided into 13 to 26 episode each. But Quibi is the next form of film narrative which includes telling stories that are two to two and a half-hour long but divided into an episode of 7 to 10 minutes with great talents.

How much will Quibi cost?

It is slightly cheaper as compared to Netflix ($ 8.99 per month) and Hulu ($ 5.99 per month). Quibi's basic subscription plans provide access to all the content along with ads for $ 4.99 per month and $ 7.99 without those pesky ads. It offered 90 days of free trial for pre-registered downloads before it launched on April 6. If you are planning to sign up after Quibi has launched, it offers two-week of a free trial.

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