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What is Amazon Kinesis?

What is  Amazon Kinesis?

Amazon Kinesis:-

Amazon Kinesis is known as (AWS) is an Amazon web service for processing big data in real-time. It is a very powerful tool and is capable of processing even thousands of terabytes per hour. It includes streaming data ( real-time) from sources such as operating logs, financial transactions, and social media feeds. According to Amazon, the technology involved in Amazon kinesis is capable of filling a gap left by  Hadoop which process data in batches.

Amazon Kinesis integrates with Amazon Redshift, Amazon Dynamo Database, Amazon Simple Storage Services, and several other third-party products. Customers are issued a bill on the standard AWS pay-as-you-go plan. It offers capabilities of processing streaming data at any scale and one can choose the tools that best suit the requirement of the application. With Amazon Kinesis one can absorb information on any real-time data such as video, audio, IoT, website clickstream, analytics and many more. It facilitates for processing real-time data instantly without a need to wait for the collection of entire data. So, one can get timely insights and react quickly to new information.

Features or the Capabilities offered by Amazon Kinesis:-

   • Amazon Kinesis video stream:-

Amazon Kinesis provides a secured platform for streaming videos for analytics, playback, machine learning(ML) and other processing. It automatically provisions and scales all the infrastructure to analyze the streaming video from millions of devices at the same time. It offers pay-as-you-go facilities which benefit the user to pay only for what they use. One can create a Kinesis video stream with few clicks from the AWS Management Console and get started for playback, storage, and analysis.

   Amazon  Kinesis data stream:-

This is an extremely durable and scalable real-time data streaming service. It is capable of capturing Gigabytes of data from thousands of sources per second such as website clickstreams, social media feeds, financial transactions and many more.

   • Kinesis data firehose:-

Kinesis data firehose is the service to load streaming data into the data store and analytics tools. It can transform and capture data into AWS for near real-time analysis. It also provides service to batch, compress encrypt and transform data before loading it to minimize the storage.

    Amazon Kinesis data analytics:-

It is the tool to analyze streaming data and gain actionable insights for business and customers in real-time. It helps to reduce the complexity of the building, integrating, managing and streaming applications with other AWS services. It takes care of every requirement to run one's real-time application continuously.

Benefits of using Amazon Kinesis:-

  Amazon Kinesis video streams allow video streams from millions of devices and provide services like playback, storage, and analysis.

  It offers secure, durable, searchable, storage for video streams and offers all the infrastructures needed for it.

  Amazon Kinesis data streams allow real-time data streams and make available data to the real-time analytic application within 70 milliseconds of data being collected.

  Data streaming in Amazon Kinesis is secure, elastic, durable and relatively low cost.

  Amazon Kinesis data firehose provides data lakes and data stores on the policy pay-as-you-go plan.

  It offers a powerful tool called data analytics which is a powerful real-time data processor.

  It is serverless, i.e no need to manage a server, users can run streaming application without the need for infrastructures. 

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