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Top 10 Search Engines In The World Apart From Google.

Top 10 Search Engines In The World Apart From Google.

Google is one of the most popular search engines today. Google currently rules the online search world but there are other search engines that serve millon of search queries per day.

Many people may be shocked but Google is not only the search engine available on the internet. They don't appear to be so popular as compared to Google but are highly popular in their own right.

Google occupies 92.18% of the search market currently. What about the rest? If you don't consider them you might miss critical opportunities for traffic.

In this article, we are going to explore the top 10 search engine in the world. You might not have heard about some of them but should definitely use for growing your business.

Top 10 search engines in the world.

1. Google


Google is the most popular and widely used search engine and is much larger than all of the other search engine combined. Currently, Google holds jaw-dropping 92.18 of the worldwide search engine market share.

Google was initially founded in 1996 by two partners- Larry Page and Sergey Brin and was offered to sell to Excite for just $750,000.

Excite rejected the offer but now Its parent company Alphabet and Google worth more than $750 billion.

Currently, Larry is the CEO of Alphabet with a reported net worth of $53.5 billion and Sergey is a president with a net worth of $52.1 billion. They are the eighth and ninth richest person on the planet.

The word Google is derived from word googol which means 1 followed by hundred zeros after it.

And now, Google is not just a search engine. It has developed various other software like Google Drive, Maps, Docs and many more. Apart from this, it owns YouTube, has created self-driving cars and also laptops and smartphones.

Google is so popular and trusted due to its search results quality. It uses a sophisticated algorithm for displaying the most accurate results possible to the users.

It often updates its search engine results page for providing helpful content formats.

2. Bing

Bing search engineSource:

Bing owns 8.04% of the worldwide search engine market share. It is very small compared to Google but is able to maintain a respectable market share in certain countries.

Bing is operated as well as owned by Micosoft which has its origins in the previous search engines- Windows Live Search and MSN Search.

Similar to Google, it is also capable to filter the results by images, videos, maps and news.

The unique feature of Bing is that it always features stunning news stories and image in its home page.

In 2009 Microsoft and Yahoo! Announced a deal and it was to power Yahoo! Using Bing. Yahoo! Is the fourth largest search engine as of now. 

Bing is very small compared to Google but receives 1.3 billion visits per month and is #30 most visited website according to Alexa rank.

3. Baidu


Baidu is the third largest search engine on the planet sharing 7.34% of worldwide search engine market.

Baidu is the largest search engine in China which largely dominates the Chinese market. There is very less influence of Google which occupies only 2% of China's search engine market.

It was founded in 2000 and headquarters in Beijing. Baidu holds very less influence outside of China but is one of the World's largest AI and internet service company.

China has the most sophisticated online censorship operation in the world which is referred to as " The Great Firewall of China".

Baidu serves billions of search queries per month but is only available in the Chinese language.

4. Yahoo!


Yahoo! Is currently the fourth largest search engine with a 3.39% worldwide search engine market share.

Yahoo! Was established in 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang and was named " Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web". Later it was renamed to Yahoo!- Yet Another Hierarchical Organized Oracle.

Due to its mail and other web services, the company valuation was raised to $ 125 billion in 2000.

In 1998 Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders) tried to sell Google to Yahoo for $1,000,000. But Yahoo! Didn't accept the proposal. 

Very soon, Yahoo! Mail was replaced by Gmail, Yahoo!'s Flickr by Instagram and Yahoo! Answers by Quora.

Sadly Yahoo is now powered by Bing, so the search results from both the search engines are similar.

5. Yandex


Yandex stands for " Yet Another iNDEXer" and is the fifth most popular search engine with 1.53% of worldwide search engine market share.

Yandex is very popular in Russia with 55% of total Russian search traffic.

It has also gained its popularity in other countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

It offers 70 different services apart from the search engine.

In 2011 Yandex was made public on the New York Stock Exchange with IOP (Initial Public Offering) of 1.3 billion and was second largest in this sector after Google.

6. Ask

Ask search engineSource:

Ask occupies 0.72% of the worldwide search engine market share and is the sixth-largest search engine in the world.

Aks is 10 times smaller than Bing and 100 times smaller than Google.

It was founded by David Warthen and Garrett Gruener which was originally named as " Ask Jeeves".

It was created to provide a question-and-answer service similar to Virtual Concierge. In 2006, the company rebranded to "Ask" removing " Jeeves" from the name.

In 2010 gave up and now it is powered by Google.

7. DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo occupies 0.39% of the worldwide search engine market share and is the seventh-largest search engine in the world.

This search engine focuses on privacy. If you feel like Google is tracking and monitoring your personal data, you should give DuckDuckGo a chance. The tagline of the search engine is " Privacy, simplified".

The good thing about this search engine is that it doesn't store your personal information or follow you around with ads. You can get Chrome extension if you want to switch quickly.

You should definitely use it if you want to keep your browsing activity and personal information private.

It receives about 27.4M daily queries and is constantly growing.

8. Naver


Naver occupies 0.13% of the worldwide search engine market share and is the eighth largest search engine in the world.

This is the popular Korean search engine that holds about 75% of the market share in South Korea. It is also known as " The Google of South Korea".

It was founded in 1999 as the first web portal in South Korea. Currently, Naver incorporates many services like encyclopedia, email clients, news web portal and children's search engine.

9. AOL

AOL search engineSource:

AOL occupies 0.06% of the worldwide search engine market share. It stands for " America Online" and was once an internet trailblazer.

It originally provided services like web portal, email, instant messaging and dial-up service.

In 2000, a traditional media icon Time Warner for $ 165 billion was bought by AOL and was on the top of the world.

But it slowly lost its dominance due to new competitors like Google.

10. Seznam


Seznam occupies 0.05% of the worldwide search engine market share which is largely popular in the Czech Republic. Seznam was one of the leading search engines until the arrival of  Google.

But as of now, Google occupies around 84% of the Czech Republic's market share.

By 2001 Seznam had already developed social, financial and political news, TV programs, maps, dictionaries, weather forecast and many more.


We have listed the top 10 search engine in the world. Google is one of the most popular and most trusted search engines. But this being said, you should also consider another search engine like Bing to fulfil the gap that Google cannot.

Take into account all the popular search engine for gaining web traffics to your website and the result you see will be jaw-dropping.

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