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Serial Number : Hardware And Software Serial Numbers, Locating Serial Numbers, Serial number Vs Model number, Uses and Benefits

Serial Number : Hardware And Software Serial Numbers, Locating Serial Numbers, Serial number Vs Model number, Uses and Benefits

In this article we are going to discuss the serial number, hardware and software serial number,  locating serial number and its uses and benefits.

What is a Serial number?

Serial number ( Abbreviated as Serial No., S/N or SN ) is a  distinctive identifier assigned to an item incrementally or sequentially for unique identification. The serial number need not contain only numerical values, it can contain letters and symbols or even strings of characters alone. 

The serial number is assigned to both hardware and software. Other stuff like banknotes or other similar documents also has a serial number.

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Serial number Vs Model number

It is very important to differentiate serial numbers from other codes or numbers. Serial numbers are always unique.

For example, you have a router with model number EA2700 and its true for every single Linksys EA2700 router. From this example, we can conclude that the serial number is unique for each component even with the same model number.

 If you are selling a Linksys router from your website, each and every device being sold will have " EA2700" somewhere on them. But each device will have unique serial numbers printed on them when they were first manufactured.

Universal Product Code ( UPC ) are also common but they are not unique like serial numbers.

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Hardware and Software serial numbers

Hardware serial numbers

You might have seen serial numbers numerous time before as every piece of a computer has a serial number including Keyword, Monitor, Mouse or sometimes computer system as a whole. Every internal component like optical drives, hard drives and motherboards also contain unique serial numbers.

If a company recalls a piece of hardware for some reason, they provide a range of serial numbers of devices that need services.

Serial numbers are not just limited to the tech industry. They are also used in non-tech environments for the purpose of the inventory. Each device that has been misplaced or needs to be returned can be identified with the help of serial numbers.

Locating serial numbers ( Hardware)

 In case of hardware, the serial number can be found on back or bottom of the devices.

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Software serial numbers

The software contains serial numbers to ensure that a particular program is installed only once and on the purchaser's computer. Once the serial number is registered and used with the manufacturer, a red flag is raised for that same serial numbers as no two software contain the same serial numbers.

If you wish to re-installed a program you've purchased, you will sometime require a serial number. Serial number and product key for a piece of software aren't always the same but sometimes they are used interchangeably.

Locating serial number ( Software)

Software serial numbers are also called CD keys or product identification numbers. They can be accessed by logging software's website with an authentic and verified user account. Most of the time it is listed on the Software physical package.

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Uses and benefits of using serial numbers

Organizing goods through serial numbers is benefitted for both small and large organization. It greatly helps in managing inventory that can add benefits to your organization. Some faulty products can be re-called and serviced easily with serial number identification.

Here is a list of uses and benefits of a serial number

1. It helps to boost efficiency

The serial number makes location and tracking process of a device very easy. In this way, you will notice a higher level of efficiency. It improves the workflow process of any organization with an easy and fast management system.

2. Tracking process becomes easy

It allows to track individual products and provide service instantly. If some issues arise in product or group of products, the manufactures can easily check to see if it is due to production error or some other causes.

3. Prevents fraud

You can easily find if the returned product is the same product you sold by checking the serial number. In this way, any fraud can be prevented.

4. It helps to provide better services

With the help of serial number, you can easily investigate and handle warranty claims. Also with the help of serial number, you can provide specific details about the model of products.

5. Minimizes the risk of errors

Shipping error can be a huge mistake when working with heavily regulated products and business. You can reduce such mistake by properly organizing serial numbers.

6. Helps to identify popular products

You can find the list of most sold products by tracking the serial numbers of the sold items. It can be very useful to make restocking decision near future.

7. Helps in analyzing sales

Every sale and shipment provides useful information about the business, remaining stock and top customers. Those statistics can be easily viewed with organized serial numbers.

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