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10 Best Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers Within short period of time in 2020

10 Best Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers Within short period of time in 2020

As we all know that there are billions of active YouTube users daily. Due to its popularity, a digital marketer is not in the position to ignore this video marketing channel. Increasing YouTube subscribers is an art and you can grow organically through some strategic work.

You might be working very hard to increase YouTube subscribers but it doesn't work sometimes due to lack of strategy that popular YouTuber adopt. Should you think of buying subscribers? Probably not. Persistence and some strategy will bring tons of organic subscribers.

Looking forward to 2020, YouTube has become a popular platform for video blogging (Vlogging). Twitter and Facebook and Instagram are just emerging in this field but currently, YouTube is unbeatable.

YouTube videos generate large amounts to audiences for each uploaded video. So, every digital marketer nowadays is fascinated by YouTube for online marketing and publicity.

So, we are here to help you how to increase youTube subscribers organically in a short interval of time. We will explain 10 smart strategies that will help you to increase YouTube subscribers over time.

How to increase YouTube subscribers?

1. Consider adding watermark to your video

This is an amazing little hack that you can follow for your YouTube channel right away. YouTube itself allows you to add a watermark that will be displayed on all the videos and all time. This watermark creates a good chance for visitors to subscribe to your channel.

YouTube subscribe watermark

You can add watermark by heading towards YouTube branding page. YouTube offers various option to display watermark. You can use your channel logo as a watermark but using the "Subscribe" icon helps to increase subscribers.

YouTube branding page

2. Create and Post high-quality content

It might sound obvious but the only way to increase the viewer's attention and make them press the "Subscribe" button is to provide the quality and highly watchable content. Consider creating one of the best content in your space.

Perform research

Before making videos on any topic sit down and make research on that topic. You can watch your competitor's videos as well as videos that are not related to your topic. You should find a creative way to create content and explain things rather than copying from well known YouTuber. If your own tech channel, make a study from similar and successful tech channels and note all the procedures.

Script ahead

You might be able to directly wing it on screen but don't do that. First of all plan and script out your research, edit it in case of error, and perform a table read. Doing this helps you to improve your script and can be presented in most effective and creative ways.

Make a good setup for in-house studio

No, need to think of expensive equipment. Just make a list of equipment that is needed for your videos. You can use your phone for video because the iPhone is nowadays close to some of the most expensive cameras available on the market. If you have an in-house studio, the basic equipment can be fair background, studio lights, and tripod stand. Shoot your videos and carry good editing for the best user experiences.

Make at least 20 seconds of your video most convincing

One research showed that nearly 20 % of the viewers bounce away within the first 20 seconds of videos. So, this is the reason you should make the first 20 seconds most memorable to viewers. The good way to do this is to introduce the most climactic part of the video rather than a brand introduction. 

3. Configure YouTube account defaults

This feature is similar to YouTube branding. You can add a reminder for subscription in all of your videos. You can add default settings for all of your future videos. This feature especially helps to ask viewers to "Subscribe" your channel in all of your videos.

You can configure it by going to the YouTubes default page and add a description that you wish to display to your viewers. This is helpful because it saves time and reminds viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

YouTube default settings

4. Do not forget to execute Top. Notch channel trailers

YouTube has provided this amazing feature for YouTubers to grow their subscription ratio know as channel trailers. These are short videos that play automatically when viewers arrive your channel's page.

This can provide you with an increase in your subscription rate if you can build a convincing channel trailer. It should be the length of 30-60 seconds and can work as a call to action for viewers to subscribe to your channels.

5. Append your channel's URL with subscription string

This is another great way to increase youtube subscribers. It is the subscription trick from the people clicking your YouTube channel link. All you need to do is to append your channel link with "? sub_confirmation=1".



When a user clicks on your link along with SML magic string (? Sub_confirmation=1), they will see a pop-up to quickly subscribe to your channel.

6. Keep your video length short

Your videos should be as short as possible. It may go longer if you are explaining something complicated or if you upload long testimonial to your channel. Testimonials are great but lengthy videos and YouTube does not go perfect together.

The perfect length for your video is 5 minutes no matter how complicated is the product you are explaining about.

Researchers found that people have a short attention span on online videos. So, make your content to the point and keep it as short as possible.

7. Create a great YouTube Thumbnail image

This is also the point that successful YouTuber agrees upon. Create a custom video thumbnail rather than using randomly generated thumbnail by YouTube. Your videos CTR ( click-through rate) will increase if your thumbnail is convincing. It is a piece of a picture that creates ideas on viewers what actually the video is about.

Currently, YouTube generated thumbnail from three intervals. If this thumbnail is sufficient to display information to your viewers, you can select the best out of three.

Your thumbnails must be catchy which helps to attract new viewers to your channel. You can use various online thumbnail maker software for creating the thumbnail.

YouTube Thumbnail

8. Add powerful call-to-action to your videos

If you are a digital marketer you should have ideas to create powerful call-to-action, which can create opportunities for visitors to return to your channel. YouTube has itself provided some of the features to carry CTA.

The End Screen is call-to-action that appears at the end of the video. You can offer them related videos or appeal them to subscribe to your channel via end screen. You can use this facility according to your goal. YouTube offers you to add multiple elements that last 25 seconds long.

If you do not prefer End screens then you can try cards know as YouTube cards. This card can be used for increased interactivity with viewers pointing to specific URLs, showing playlist or video, polling your audience, and also promoting channel. This card appears as "i" button at the top right corner of the screen and all viewers have to do is click on it.

YouTube End Screen

9. Post content consistently

It is quite difficult to accomplish at first because not every publisher had a full-time videographer. But if you follow tip 2 you will easily be able to create content on a weekly basis. You should be consistent because your subscriber won't stay subscribed if you don’t post content most often.

Your subscriber won't trust your channel if you're not consistent with your work because today people want more and more information and entertainment on a regular basis.

Try making a schedule for your videos and publish according to the schedule otherwise your reputation might get hurt.

10. Promote your channel to relevant online communities

This is the era of online social media whether be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram of any popular social media, you must be actively engaged in these platforms and share your video content when relevant.

If you won tech channels, you can share your content to various tech page on Facebook and generate viewers of similar interest.

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There are tons of other strategies to increase YouTube subscribers, but those 10 strategies will definitely help you gain a huge amount of subscribers in the interval of time. Make sure to adopt all the strategies stated above.

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