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How to protect YouTube Channel from hackers ? Step-wise solution.

How to protect YouTube Channel from hackers ? Step-wise solution.

We all know that Youtube is one of the most popular social media in today's digital world. Many people today are actively involved in Youtube giving lots of time and valuable efforts. As a result, many people are getting paid by youtube for their valuable contribution. Wait a minute! We are going to discuss something strange. The more popular you are the more you are susceptible to be attacked by hackers. Hackers can get into your account and access all of your personal information, all of your videos and can even access the banking information that you use to get paid via YouTube. YouTube hacks are relatively rare but it is always better to safe than sorry. So, we have a few common steps to secure your value able YouTube channel.

Step 1:

Always consider creating a strong password

You might have heard about this quite often but it is very essential as Password acts as a gateway to your account. Don't be careless while creating your password. Always create a password of at least 6 characters to 12 characters. Make sure to include lowercase letters, an uppercase letter, special characters, and numbers. The best password usually doesn't spell out a specific word. You are supposed to create a series of unrelated characters that are nearly impossible to guess. Another thing to keep in mind is to change the password frequently. You can change it every 90 days. Be smart, don't let your password get stale! Consider changing it frequently. The silly mistakes that many people make is keeping the list of passwords anywhere in the computer or auto-saving the password. Always keep in mind that the password is the most top-level proprietary information.

Step 2:

Enable two-step verification

To make your account almost impossible to get hacked, enable two-step verification. This is very simple and easy to use. After enabling this feature your account is secured unless hacker magically has access to both our account and phones. After entering your unique and strong password, you will also get a text sent to your phones along with a unique code. You need to enter that unique code to access your account. This is also one of the very essential features to secure YouTube channel. Cool right?

Step 3:

Do regular security checkups

You can add or update account recovery options. You have the right to block someone from using your account without your permission. It will alert you when there is any suspicious activity on your account. It also helps to recover the account if you are ever locked out. You also can avoid installing unknown apps from unknown sources and remove any apps you don't need from your connected accounts. Always keep in mind to update and backup your account regularly.

Step 4:

Protect against suspicious messages and content

Sometimes hackers use the technique of phishing to take personal information. They may pretend to be institutions, family members or any other familiar person using emails, web pages or text messages. Don't be fooled by such messages because YouTube will never ask you for your password or any other account information. Always be alert not to reply to suspicious emails, texts, instant messages or any phone calls that ask for your personal information. Do not click to email or any other messages that are from untrustworthy websites or senders. You should be clear that youtube always sends emails from or addresses.

step 5:

Use security Key by Yubico

The evolution of technologies has highly contributed to secure the online account. It is a device like the YubiKey and the shape of USB. This little USB shaped key can be plugged into a computer or can be used with mobile devices too. This little device is used to complete the second half of two-factor authentication. This device was invented because hackers might even find a way to intercept the six-digit code sent to mobile phones. You can also use Google Authenticator of Duo Security for two-factor authentication but Yubi Key will provide another easy method of authentication. In case you lose your Yubi Key you can use the secure code generator on your phone to complete your two-factor authentications logins


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