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How To Delete Facebook Page On Desktop And Mobile Devices?

How To Delete Facebook Page On Desktop And Mobile Devices?

In this article, we are going to discuss how to delete a Facebook page.

If might have created a Facebook page for business and realize that you don't need it anymore. Creating Facebook page was quick and easy right? Well, deleting your business page is quick too. There are two methods that you can adopt to hide your page from the public. The first method is to delete it completely and the second method is to change the page's status to " Unpublished".

We will begin with the first method and go through the second method in the last section of your article.

First, let's have a quick overview of deleting Facebook page Vs Facebook profile.

The Facebook profile also known as the Facebook account is different from a Facebook page. A Facebook profile page is your personal account and can see news feed and your created posts.

The purpose of your Facebook profile is to connect with friends and families but Facebook pages are created for business and marketing purpose. 

People create and run Facebook page to promote their brand and products and interact with their fans or customers.

You might want to delete Facebook Business page or Community or Public Figure page. Whether you own business page or Public figure page, we will help you figure out whether you should delete or not before moving too far in the process.

Is deleting Facebook page the right choice for you?

In most of the case, people want to delete a page that is out of date or inaccurate. You may have your fan page for some project and events that are no longer relevant and want to delete it permanently.

You should go through permanent deletion only if you have similar or duplicate pages or don't have time to manage your page. If not first check if you can merge it or revert it to " Unpublished".

How to delete a Facebook page on Desktop?

Now, follow these steps if you have fully decided to delete your Facebook page.

1. Sign in to your Facebook account

Go to Facebook and sign in to your personal account.

2. Go to Facebook pages

Choose " Pages" from the menu that appears on the left side of the screen. The " Pages" option is grouped under " Explore".

Facebook's pages section

3. Select the Facebook page to be deleted

You will see each one of your Facebook pages on the next screen. Now, click on the page name you want to delete.

Select page to be deleted

4. Choose " Settings"

Now, your Facebook page gets opened. Select " Settings" from the upper-right corner.

Facebook Page Settings

5. Click Edit in the Remove Page option

At the bottom of the page, you will see the " Remove Page" option. Click " Edit " next to Delete your page.

Remove page

6. Delete Facebook Page

Now, Facebook will notify you that you have 14 days to restore your page in case you change your mind. Select " Delete…..your page name……" to delete it permanently.

Permanently delete page

7. Finally, click Delete Page

Now, a pop-up window will appear that alerts if you want to delete your page. You can also see " Unpublish this page" option which we will discuss in the last section. Click " Delete Page" for now. Now, a pop-up window will appear that says " page deleted". Hit " OK" and we're done.

Delete Facebook page permanently

How to delete a Facebook page on Android and iOS?

1. Open Facebook app

Open your Facebook account from the Facebook app and log in if required.

2. Open Facebook menu

The Facebook menu is available in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Facebook menu in mobile

10. Select Pages

Choose " Pages" from the available options and scroll down if you can't find it.

Facebook pages option on mobile

11. Select page to be deleted

Now, choose the page you want to delete from the available pages.

Selecting page to be deleted on mobile

14. Choose Settings

Choose " Settings " among the various options that you want to edit.

Facebook page settings option on mobile

15. Select General and go to Remove Page Section

Choose the " General " section from Settings and scroll down to find " Remove Page " on the next screen.

Now, you will see blue text at the bottom that says " Delete….your page name……". Click on it.

Remove Facebook page on mobile

16. Delete your Facebook page

You will be notified that you will have only 14 days to restore your page. Once you fully decide to delete it click " Delete Page" and we're done.

Permanently delete Facebook page on mobile

How to unpublish your Facebook page? (Hide your page)

If you don't have regular time for posting on your Facebook page, you can hide your page instead of deleting it. Unpublishing your page means hiding it. You can unpublish your page only admin can view it and won't be visible to anyone including all the people who have liked your page.

But you as an admin can restore or republish your page.

Follow these simple guidelines to unpublish your Facebook page.

Go to  Page Settings>>General>>Page Visibility. Now, click " Edit" and tick the box for " Page unpublished"  and save the changes.

Note: You will not lose any followers but they won't be able to find your page. Your page won't be visible unless you republish your page.

Facebook page unpublish option


Deleting a Facebook page is really simple. But go through this article in detail to discover other alternatives like unpublishing page. If you wish to delete your page, make sure to download page from the settings so that you won't lose your important insights which may help you later. Thank you.

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