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7 Simple Steps to Create Facebook Page for Business.

7 Simple Steps to Create Facebook Page for Business.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to create a Facebook page for business.

If you are running a business, the Facebook business page provides you with a free opportunity for increasing your brand awareness and generating sales. You can create a Facebook business page by simply logging into your personal account and clicking " Create a Page" which is available in the drop-down menu.

Creating a Facebook page is an easy job but you might find challenging while managing it on an ongoing basis. You can hire freelancer using Fiverr who can help you manage and develop your business page.

We let's go through 7 steps to create a Facebook page for business.

How to create a Facebook page for business?

1. Firstly, register for a Facebook business page.

Facebook allows you to create your business page using your personal account. If you have a personal account, you can get started if not try creating one. Select " Create" or (+) icon from the upper right corner of the blue toolbar.

Create Facebook for business

• Select page from the drop-down menu

A drop-down menu will appear once you click " Create" or (+) icon. Select " Page" from the given option to create your own Facebook business page.

Select page from the menu

• Choose your page's category

You will see two options and the most profitable for your business will be " Business or Brand". Select " Business or Brand" from the given two options.

Select business or brand

2. Fill up your business information

Now, it's time time to tell Facebook what's your business about. Enter the actual name of your business in the " Page Name" section and choose your business category from " Category section". For example, the music brand could enter " Music" and you will see pre-populated list for you to choose from.

Enter name and category for your page

3. Upload your Profile and Cover photo

Now, its time to upload your business page profile picture. You can either use the logo of your business or any other photo that represents your business. Choose an image that is clear and which doesn't get cropped.

If you need help from freelancer, you can check Bluehost to find them who can design you a professional logo at a reasonable price.

Add profile picture to your page.

Next, Facebook allows you to add a cover image for your business. It is a background image that appears on your business page. Make sure to upload a cover image that is visually appealing and should be at least 400 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall.

You can easily create your cover image using free tools like Canva without the need for graphic design skills or knowledge.

Add cover image to your page

4. Invite your friends to like your business page

Facebook allows you to invite your current friends from your personal account to like your newly created business page. Your friends can provide you with a good initial base of likes and engagements. You can invite your friends manually or invite you all friends at once from "…" menu.

Invite your friends to like your page

5. Include all additional details about your business

Find and select " About" from the left-hand menu and input the required information about your business. Consider including all the pertinent information like your website, hours and contact information.

Complete all the information because that information might be potential customer's first point of reference for your business.

Fill up all the information for your page

6. Add button to your business page

After filling up all the information, now, it's time to add a button to your business page. A button will appear at the top right corner below the cover page. It is completely free to use and those buttons act as your page's call-to-action. Your business can generate more leads and sales if you include a relevant button.

Simply, add (+ Add a Button) from the option below the cover image. You can choose from the options like Download, Shop, Learn More, Contact You and many more. Make sure to select the best option that suits your business.

If you have a brand selling some specific products, you can use the " Shop" option and you can use the " Book with You " option if you have a hair salon.

Add a button to your page

7. Conduct marketing by being active on Facebook

You have already accomplished the first step of marketing by creating your business page. Now, you will need to be active on Facebook to grow audience and market your page. Be active on the relevant groups where you can find your target audiences and be consistent on posting on your page.

Tips for growing your business using a Facebook business page.

Effective marketing strategies should be implemented in order to grow your business. Here are some of the ways to get started.

1. Advertise on Facebook

You should consider advertising on Facebook because Facebook offers affordable advertising platform. It's because you will only need to pay for the clicks your ads receive. Facebook allows you to target specific groups of people using ad targeting.

Facebook offers you a great opportunity by showing your ads to precise audiences which makes sure your ad goes to the right people.

You can also use Facebook Sponsored posts if you are producing great content and post for your page. This type of advertising places your content in front of target audiences. If you want to reach the audience out of your Facebook network, it can be very easy and cost-effective means of advertisement.

2. Link your page to your website

You should link your page to your website. You can do this in a couple of ways like including your page's URL in the about section of your website or adding buttons that link to a website.

3.Market your business online free of cost

If done properly you can achieve great results by marketing your business without paying. You can share your content, blog posts or image on a regular basis that will grab your audience's attention. 

4. Connect with your audiences

You can provide information about your business whenever a new person likes your page. You can share what's new with your business or some interesting articles so that they can enjoy your content and respond to your page.

You should be connected with your audiences on a regular basis by responding to comments and questions asked by them.

5. Get listed on Google's organic search

For a small business, it is very difficult to rank high on Google search results. But you can take the chance of ranking high by having your business listed on Facebook, Google and other online directories.


We have discussed creating a Facebook page for business and some marketing strategies for growing your business. If you won a business and yet not started a Facebook page for your business, start it right away for promoting your brand and generating higher leads and sales.

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