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Everything you should know about Google Pixel 4A-release date, price, specs, camera, leaks.

Everything you should know about Google Pixel 4A-release date, price, specs, camera, leaks.

We eagerly are waiting for the big update in the pixel range that is announced for October 2020 ( new pixel 5 and 5XL devices). But there is a new " budget" model- the Pixel 4A. It bears the name 'sunfish' and is expected to make its debut around the middle of this year. Pixel 4A and 4A XL can be expected this year too.

The time is getting closer and closer as it will probably make its appearance during the middle of May. Its predecessors like 3A and 3A XL also appeared during the annual Google I/O event from May 12 to 14.

This phone has surfaced in various places on the web and some details are available. Below we are going to discuss its price, release date, specs and features, name, design.

Name and release date for Google Pixel 4A

Google Pixel series has stuck to same naming strategies since its evolution. However, the leaks that we've seen has created a little doubt regarding the name to this mid-range entry in the series. Sadly some source close to Android Authority has said that there will not be Pixel 4A XL this year. But this will certainly reduce production cost and help keep the Pixel 4A at a reasonable price.

Now, talking about the release date- As Google launched Pixel 3A series at Google I/O 2019 it is possible that Google will apply the same strategy for Pixel 4A series. It was predicted to be launched around May 12 but the event was cancelled due to the outbreak of worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus.

Few pictures of Pixel 4a packages was surfaced online in early April. The image looked pretty genuine but we can't still fully trust that image.

The latest reports suggest that Google Pixel 4A could and on May 22, 2020, in some European stores. This can line up an idea that Google hoping to announce the device on or around May 12.

Google Pixel 4a

Source: Android Police

Design of Google Pixel 4A

We already have a decent idea of what the Google Pixel 4A will look like from various leaks. One can expect the appearance of the phone like a pared-down Google Pixel 4. The square-shaped camera available on the back of the device is a dead-ringer for one of the Pixel 4 series though with only one lens. The Google logo, orange-coloured power button and colourway all are expected to carry over from pixel 4 series.

But there are some changes too. The matte-black ring enveloping the pixel 4 body is absent in Pixel 4A. We can expect several cutouts because of hardship in including all the features available in Pixel 4 series in term of cost.

Above were predicted design from pixel 4 series, however, 9to5 Google later reported that Pixel 4A series may not be launched in white and orange colour as stated above. It may just appear in black or new barely blue.

The latest picture of Pixel 4A has surfaced online today. The device appeared in a black chassis with a white lock button. It appeared as if it was from the official Google Pixel fabric phone case. However, the fabric case isn't seen anywhere in any of the Google products.

The image and videos surfaced on the internet aren't fully trustworthy. There is a possibility but still raises a red flag.

Pixel 4a design


Specs and features of Google Pixel 4A

Google had cut out some of the high-end specs from Pixel 3A to keep it at a reasonable price. But you shouldn't still expect Google Pixel 4A to be a flagship powerhouse.

We can see some glimpse on what we can expect from Google Pixel 4A from the hands-on video available on the internet. The device name is expected to be 'Sunfish' and probably tout the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset. This is an upgrade over Pixel 3A with extra processing power. Substantial bump in storage, read/write speeds are also expected. It is also expected to come with 618 GPU, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and 5.81-inch 2,340 X 1,080 display with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Google Pixel 4a design

Source: TechArina

Price and Colour

We can expect colours like classic black, white and purple with a sparkly flavour. After its launch, it will immediately go on sale but international availability is still questionable. Online purchase will be available but custom duties and taxes will be applied in most Europen countries.

Google brought Pixel 3A in budget-friendly cost of $399 and this device is also expected to get the same price tag. Pixel 4A is a breath of fresh air for your budget but flagship phones cross $1000 line without any hesitation.

Google Pixel 4a


Camera Specifications

The information obtained from 'Device info HW' and 'DevCheck' apps shows that Pixel 4A has a single rear camera of 12.2 MP Sony IMX363 sensor with an f/1.73 aperture lens. It has 1.4nm pixel size. The sensor available is the same primary camera sensor found on the Pixel 3, Pixel 3A and Pixel 4.

The rear camera lens has a horizontal viewing angle of 65.5 degrees while the front camera has a horizontal viewing angle of 72.4 degrees. It is also reported that rear camera supports both OIS and EIS with auto-focus while the front camera is fixed-focus and supports only EIS.

Google Pixel 4a camera

Source: PCWorld

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