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Free Hosting for WordPress : 7 Amazing free hosting for WordPress site.

Free Hosting for WordPress : 7 Amazing free  hosting for WordPress site.

Are you planning to start your blog on WordPress? Well, free hosting for WordPress is an idealistic way of testing out. Most of the starter prefer to start their blogging career with free hosting to learn WordPress or try things out and move later to premium services like SiteGround, Bluehost or other.

You may be surprised to hear that there is also a free version of WordPress. This is a perfect place for anyone who doesn't need to learn about hosting but only want to try the WordPress dashboard for writing purpose. allows you to do that and it is the first place to consider as a free web-host.

But if you want to explore more and want to try out every feature offered by self-hosted WordPress, we have listed some free hosting for WordPress.

7 Free Hosting For WordPress

1. is one of the best platforms for building a WordPress site. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get hands-on experience with WordPress.

It offers 3GB of disk space and Jetpack WordPress plugin as a free plan. It allows you to customize your design by selecting from a dozen of free themes. It is beginner-friendly and anyone can learn quickly.


•  Offers 3GB of disk space.

•  Provides free sub-domain (

•  Offers varieties of WordPress themes.

•  Provides excellent support.


•  Doesn't allow to use third-party plugins.

•  Doesn't provide FTP access.

•  No cPanel access.

WordPress com

2. 000Webhost

000Webhost is recommended by most of the users and is worth adding it into the list. It is completely free with no ads and is idle for any WordPress beginners. But if you are searching for more power and ready to pay $1-2 per month, Hostinger is recommended.


•  Offers 10GB bandwidth.

•  1GB disk space.

•  Contains no ads and script WordPress Auto-installer.


3. is one of the oldest hosting providers since 2004. It offers plenty of cool features and offers at zero cost. It is great for testing out your WordPress site.


•  Offers good customer support.

•  Offers private Cloud hosting.

•  Provides advanced versions of MySQL and PHP.

•  Contains the latest version of Cpanel.

•  Contains no forced ads.

4. also comes in the top list due to its great features. It offers various features like file manager, FTP account, free tech support, Control panel, sub-domains and add-on domain to name few.


•  Offers 1000MB of disk space.

•  Offers 200GB monthly transfer.

•  Provides Softaculous Auto Installer.

•  Allow you to have 50 parked domains, 50 add-on domains and 50 sub-domains.

•  Offers 50 MySQL databases.

•  Completely free hosting with no ads and pop-ups.

•  Offers control panel for easy handling of the website.

•  Provides free FTP account and 24/7 support.

5.  AccuWebhosting

The good thing about AccuWebhosting is that you can take the advantage of free hosting plan for the student if you are from the well-known university. This plan offers 30 GB bandwidth and 2GB SSD storage. It allows you to install WordPress in a single click, create 25 email addresses and also access to the database.

 You are likely to get this service if you have a .edu email address. This free hosting can be used as long as you are in university.



You can host your WordPress blog in just 2 minutes using It also offers you a subdomains.


•  offers 5000MB of data transfer.

•  Provides 1000 MB of webspace.

•  Offers Host 1 Domain name free.

•   It supports PHP 4 and PHP 5 but PHP 7 is missing.

•  Offers free site Builder tool.

•   Provides free domain name (

•  It also offers free Joomla hosting which includes an automatic installation.

7. AWS Amazon

With AWS Amazon, you can test WordPress or any other website. It offers one year free VPS but requires a bit of technical knowledge. But don't panic, they also have offered well-documented tutorials with screenshots that will definitely help you to build your WordPress instance.

AWS Amazon

Above is the list of free and best hosting providers for Wordpress. But keep in mind that you should not consider hosting your professional blog or high traffic websites on those platforms. They can anytime suspend your account without any reason and warnings.

Cons of using free hosting for WordPress

1.  Very very poor customer support

To speak the truth, free hosting has terrible customer support. You will be totally helpless if you get stuck anywhere, whether on the installation or any other problem.

2.  Risk of getting banned or suspended account

This is one of the most terrible threat while using free hosting for WordPress. Your account can be suspended or banned at any time without giving any warning or reason.

3.  Limited space and bandwidth

Free hosting offers very limited space and bandwidth.

4.  Affects SEO

Uptime is not guaranteed in the free hosting platform and every downtime of the site will badly affect the ranking of your website.

2.  No recovery and backup system

Free hosting for WordPress won't provide an option to back up your site. If anything bad happens to your site you won't be able to back up your blog.

Reasons Why Free Hosting for WordPress is not recommended

1.  Your blog can die anytime

Free hosting service providers can anytime end their services. You will get informed before ending their services before ending up but what's the use of it?

You should move all your blog post to a completely new server. But if they close only new registrations you can redirect your links to your new domain. You won't be able to redirect your old links if they completely stop their services and all of your old links will be dead.

2.  It doesn't ensure safety

Free hosting providers cannot spend much on security issues. Remember a  free hosting provider company (2ip). Many people began to host their blog on it, but later their servers were hacked by some hacking experts.

3.  You can't sell your free hosted blog

It is a bitter truth but the free hosted blog is not your property. Go ahead and read the terms and conditions of Blogspot. It has clearly stated that you are not allowed to sell, transfer and share your blog to any other person.

You may secretly sale your blog to someone, but your blog will be shut and removed from the search engine index if Blogspot identifies it.

4.   Provides no control over the server resources for you

It is a fact that all of the free hosting services offers only limited resources in terms of bandwidth and disk space. So, a clear recommendation is to use these platforms just for testing purposes.

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