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Best 8 Adsense alternatives for YouTube to try out

 Best 8 Adsense alternatives for YouTube to try out

Are you looking  Adsense alternative for YouTube? If yes we are here to help you discover some of the top and most used Adsense alternatives for YouTube.

Adsense is the most popular tool for making money online whether be it a website or YouTube. But if you have not set up your Adsense account or trouble in getting approved, Don't worry. There are lots of Adsense alternatives for YouTube channel that offer great features which result in making tons of money.

Why should you look for Adsense alternatives for YouTube?

As stated earlier that Google Adsense is the leading advertising platform by Google. If you have the right niche and engaged audiences with good content, you will generate nice revenue. But this doesn't mean that Adsense is only the choice.

There are various alternatives for YouTube even if you have approved Adsense account. You can diversify your source of income.

Best Adsense alternatives for YouTube

Now, let's have a look at some of the best Adsense alternatives for YouTube.

1. FilmSection

FilmSection is currently the fastest growing multi-channel on YouTube. This network is able to provide high revenue shares along with Adsense earnings. They offer three months of trial without a contract and full support monthly payments.

If you are beginner, you will be able to make 80% of their revenue. With the remaining 20%, FilmSection runs their own ad networks.

You must have at least 100 views on your video daily i.e 3000 views monthly. You should have a clean copyright history as they take copyright seriously.

You can also enrol in their recruiter program. They offer 10% of their income to the channel that meets their guidelines.

You can receive payments through PayPal, bank transfers and Western Union payments methods for balance over $1.

2. Big frame

When you visit Big frame they offer deep multimedia focus. Their animated page shows the selection of content from producers. They try to focus on brightest and the best rising star as they claim: don't try to monetize your every channel.

They provide active monetization platforms along with resources and networking opportunities that help your channel grow.

They focus on nurturing and improving content creators and talented artist.

They focus on four-factor: Polished, Outlandish, ForeFront and Wonderly. These are for fashion-focused producers, innovative female producers, urban producers and LGTB producers as well. You can apply if your channels make qualifications on this section individually.

Do you know? BigFrame claims greater income as compared to Adsense ( 40 % greater). Getting through them is tough but your channel can grow very well if you qualify.

3. AdRev

AdRev's working is similar to most of the Multi-Channel networkings. They provide a large audio database which can be used freely in the background of your video. They also offer plenty of tools to optimize your video's content.

But sadly it is not so transparent as it does not list their share percentages with beginning the registration process. The qualification for the channel includes 300 daily views. They pay through PayPal or check for higher payments.

Note: AdRev has gained a bit of negative impression from the content creator who is not part of the network. There are plenty of copyright claims and forced monetization for non-partners but along little proofs. In conclusion, just be aware before choosing or signing in with the company with a mixed reputation.

4. Maker Studios

Maker Studios is also one of the biggest networks for YouTube with specialist networks. Like BigFrame it focuses on talent but accepts content from all genres. They have four subdivided channels: Family, Entertainment, Men and Women. If your channel fits within these categories, you can be qualified to join and make a huge amount of money.

 The network was acquired by Disney so there is nothing to worry about the legitimacy of Maker Studios. They offer some of the highest CPMs ads but the contracts vary according to channels. You will receive closer to 60 % revenue in case of low-traffic channels but as much as 90% for popular channels.

Your channel should stay within the copyrights rule while producing content. For ongoing and copyright issues free content, you will be able to make even more than Adsense earning.

5. Fullscreen

Fullscreen is the network with greater trust as it is founded by someone who worked within YouTube. Your channel should not violate any of the copyright rules. They can also help you to design and sell channel-related good with the help of various tools. They provide you with tools such as analytics and insights tools to optimize and promote your video content.

But Fullscreen is not so transparent as contract terms and other requirements cannot be known as first glance. So, with any ad network first, make sure to go through their offers in detail before you sign in. If your channel is popular, you may get the opportunity to negotiate or leverage demands.

6. Patreon

Patreon is a completely safe platform to start with. Any categories of the channel with a good amount of subscriber can be linked with Patreon. It provides great support for creators who deliver their video content on a regular basis.

 The basic idea of Patreon is to deliver content to the public on the basis of their choice. Users can offer a monthly certain amount to them for your favourite video content. They provide Lite, Premium and Pro subscription plans.

7. Wistia

Wistia is a video platform that is especially aimed at business video hosting. It is straightforward and quite popular among people. It is easy to get in and they allow you to embed videos on your site. The business owner will have full control of social sharing, branding and many more who wants to push their video content on the frontlines.

It is excellent video platforms that offer excellent video analytics. It can be your good choice as it allows to monetize your videos quickly in no time. All of your video content is completely safe and secured along with high-end encryption. In conclusion, it is very helpful for a large business who are looking to monetize their content elsewhere.

8. Vimeo

Vimeo proofs how powerful a brand name can be. When someone talks about Vimeo People instantly know that they are talking about YouTubes's alternative. Vimeo offers high-quality video streaming solution for high-quality videos.

High-quality content denotes a specific pricing model but the videos can be viewed with less visual distractions.

It is a very good option but is not same as YouTube in terms of content category and User Interface but easy to get into. But the downside of this platform is that they limit more than 500 MB per week, for more you will need to subscribe their premium plan.

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