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6 Different types of social media for effective advertising.

6 Different types of social media for effective advertising.

Social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies. They are used widely for creating and sharing of information, ideas and other expression using virtual communities and networks.

Some of the social media networks have gained billions of active users and you as a business owner can allocate a certain amount for experimenting online campaign. Most of the company have already adopted online marketing strategies and able to generate consistent ROI.

You can achieve lots of benefit from growing your sales and fanbase. You will be able to better target audience and potential customers with less expenditure.

In this article, we will discuss 6 different types of social media platforms for effective advertising in  2020.

6 Different types of social media for effective advertising.

1. Facebook


Facebook has become universal media these days with over 2 billion monthly active users. It has provided opportunities for advertisers to reach virtually with anyone and everyone with an unparallel opportunity.

Facebook is proficient in lead generation in case of eCommerce and Facebook is the right place to go with costs below $1 per lead.

You should conduct your ad directly into the high-converting landing page that offers varieties of bundle product and free lead magnet. Some common examples of content used in social media advertising are free shipping, giveaways, whitepapers, ebooks, and product coupons to name few.

You can further nurture those leads with an autoresponder that will introduce them to your brands and products.

A company like Expression Fiber Arts are conducting their online advertisements very well offering predictable discounts and offering some free products. This policy helped them make $1,000,000 in annual sales within two years.

Facebook has offered the most precise targeting features than any other social media to date. Advertisers are able to target audiences by locations, interests, job description, past activity and many other criteria.

There are three steps to follow while setting up your Facebook advertisement campaign. The first thing to do is to set up your ads, target your ads and retarget it again and again.

Facebook advertising pricing

The Facebook advertising price is dependent upon several factors like the type of audiences and budget that you've set for your ads.

To explain simply, your campaign becomes more efficient if you will spend more money. This is because Facebook's algorithm is designed to increase your ad performance over time.

According to roughly estimated data, Facebook advertising cost as per 2016 was 0.28 cents for CPC and $7.19 for CPM.

But the price mentioned is not consistent because targeting females costs higher than targeting males and targeting youths cost more than targeting the age group of 65+.

How to conduct Facebook ads efficiently?

While running ads you should try to run the same ads differently to different audiences. Your ad must be unique and as per your audience's interest.

Create an ad that will build your brand awareness and retarget your ads to deal with customers who have already signalled interest.

Use your creativity while generating ads like adding emojis because they carry potential to drive higher CTRs.

2. Instagram


Instagram currently boasts over 500M active users monthly which is one of the highest audience engagement rates in social media. This is 2000% higher than Twitter and 58% higher than Facebook.

Instagram is a heavy platform of images and videos and you can target your audience with ads that are visually appealing. The Instagram users are mostly age group within 18-29 with slightly more females and minorities.

Instagram will be the best advertising platforms if you want to target audiences among the age group 18-29. Instagram allows linking directly to the product page and other landing pages allowing direct interaction with your products.

Ad set up process of Instagram is very similar to Facebook as it is owned by Facebook.

Instagram advertising pricing

On average Instagram, advertising is very similar to that of Facebook which is estimated to be $5 per CPM.

For similar pricing, Instagram gets more engagements as compared to Facebook. Some famous companies like Marcedes Benz, McDonald's and Playstation reported gaining more engagements on Instagram than on Facebook.

How to conduct Instagram ads effectively?

First of all, try to focus your custom audiences. Custom users are those who have engaged with you in the past days. These lists can be made through pixel tracking, follower's list or email list.

Now, after targeting custom users, next you should consider targeting lookalike audiences because Instagram's algorithm is very efficient in finding similar audiences.

Use compelling images and don't use stock photos which won't work on Instagram. The final step is to take hashtags seriously. Most of the Instagram users simply take hashtags as a joke but they are the one driving traffic and interacting with audiences of a particular niche.

3. Pinterest


Pinterest offers a unique UI. It is similar to Instagram but is highly targeted to women audiences with 81% female user base and 175M monthly active users.

Pinterest is taken as strong platforms for eCommerce sales due to its high engagements rate, custom images and creative products.

Most of the eCommerce retailers are attracted to Pinterest due to its high targeting ability. They promote their brands and products using Pinterest ads.

They accomplish this process by picking high performing pin and promoting it based upon visits or engagements to their store.

Now, these promoted pins are placed in more visible positions across boards and will be easily visible to customers browsing and searching for keywords associated with it.

Pinterest advertising pricing

It's a bit difficult to conclude Pinterest advertising price but it was very expensive long ago with $30-40  for CPM. It was available to big brands only but now it has offered on more affordable price,$5.3 for CPM and $1.52 for CPC.

How to conduct Pinterest advertising effectively?

The first thing to do is to use your creativity because your pins get noticed only when they are unique. Focus on trending topics and create your pins accordingly.

The most important part is to engage with followers. You can engage with them by repining and using curated repins to expand into larger audiences.

Don't forget to write a long and detailed description along with keywords and hashtags.

4. Twitter


Twitter is a platform that has revolutionized breaking news and has established a connection with both niches as well as mainstream influencers.

Twitter has around 328M monthly active users.

Twitter is still a viable social network for organic engagement, unlike Facebook. You don't need to pay to reach to your followers. It enhances the platform's value even while running paid ads.

 According to research Twitter users shops 6.9X month online which is only 4.3X in case of non-users.

Twitter has stated that around 60% of the users make a purchase from an SMB.

Most of the eCommerce stores use this platform to create brand awareness and promote their products for direct conversions.

Twitter advertising pricing

Twitter advertising costs around $9-11 for CPM but is around 25-30 cents for CPC. Both of these campaigns carry the potential for similar user's engagements. But this platform is considered to be underutilized for the purpose of advertising.

How to run twitter ads effectively?

The first thing to do is to provide a visual impression to the users by using compelling and relevant images. You should be targeted with products and lead markets because this platform requires a more focused approach.

Add links to the specific product or landing pages and offer various discount or other lead magnet offer. You can take direct advantages of connection between brand and advertisers.

5. Snapchat


Snapchat is a newer platform but is growing very quickly with 301M monthly active users. It has the potential to compete with Instagram due to its high user base and social video push.

About 41%  within the age group 18-34 in U.S.A actively interact with Snapchat today.

Snapchat advertising pricing

Snapchat offers a couple of advertising options but is quite expensive.

• Snap Ads

o Mobile interactive video ads.

o 5x higher swipe-up rate compared to other platforms.

o $1000-3000 to run per month.

Snapchat Discover

o Places uses brand's story at the top of users app feed.

o $50,000 per day.

Sponsored lens

o Offers brands to create and deliver custom lens for users to play with.

o $450,000 to $700,000 per day.

Sponsored Local Geofilters

o Creative overlays that can be added to stories.

o $5-20,000.

6. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is social media where you can find the highest average disposable income. 75% of LinkedIn users earn $50,000 per year or even more. This is also a platform where you can find the highest quality leads for a particular industry.

Mostly recruiters, high-end B2B products and services and secondary education can achieve greater success using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn advertising pricing

$2-7 for CPC and can even go higher up to $11 or 12.

How to run LinkedIn ads effectively?

Track your ads performance regularly and scale the ads that hit CTR close to 1% of above and discard any ads that perform under 0.1% CTR. Make sure to target people by locations, seniority, age, education and skills which is very similar to Facebook.

Create a shorter form of ads. LinkedIn user prefers shorter and pithier ad copy and makes sure to focus on professional challenges and problems. And lastly, search for ways to reach and interact with the targeted groups where you are planning to launch your ads.

Wrapping up

We have discussed 6 different social media and advertising tactics for each one them. If you own a company you should definitely use those social media platforms for increasing reach and engagements. You can be able to explore your brands and products with potential customers with low price using online advertising. Make a detailed study about those media platforms or get some expert's help before conducting advertising campaigns. Thank you.

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