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How to write good comment on a blog?

 How to write good comment on a blog?

Blogs are being popular and popular these days. Blogs have been a very effective way to connect with the reader as well as customers. More people and businesses are devoting their time on blogs for promoting their products. If you are one of them, make sure to focus on writing better blogs comments.

Commenting on blogs means either you are replying to your reader or leaving comments on someone's blog. Leaving a comment is the best way to connect with new reader/ customers and build exposure for your business. Now let's learn how to write great comments either on your own blog or someone's else blog.

To comment on a blog is not just to get links or to get noticed. Blogs comments help to create real-life relations and drive decent traffic to your blogs.

Some things to consider while writing a great  blog comments:

Avoid keywords in Name Field

Blog commenting always starts from the name field. Don’t put any keyword or any other words on the name field. This hides your real identity and is like carrying a placard that reads spammer on your forehead.

Try keeping everything original that helps to establish an image as yourself.

Avoid using slang and use correct grammar

Great comments are always free of slangs and grammatical errors. If you want other people to be engaged in conversation then slang is a big NO-NO.

Best way to write a blog comment on other blogs:

The most powerful way to promote and grow your business is to leave comments on other blogs. This helps to create value for others and helps to grow awareness among the visitor for your own blogging efforts. This idea can be very helpful for the person that is new in the field of blogging.

There are numerous things that professionals consider while writing blog comments. But let's discuss some of the famous ways of writing great blog comments.

Consider adding something to the conversation

Often people comment with "Wow, great post" if a post is very useful or something informative. But you don't have to do that go past that. You can disagree with their opinion and add something that you think about the particular topic. If you remember something related to that post, make sure to mention it and avoid repeating what others have said.

Try commenting early

It can be a good idea to let few people comment first and build off what they say as well as the blogger's post. But you may miss your point if you wait too long as others might have already addressed the point you thought to mention. Well, trafficked blogs get dozen of comments in the single post and everyone will not read if your comment is # 30 or above.

Never over-promote yourself

I guess no one like the comment that includes over self-promotion. The example can be, " Hey Dhurba, really a good post, I also have blogged about this topic… and add a link to their site. Most of the site owner delete those comments which are not actually adding value to that post. 

Remember not to leave a comment to promote yourself because you are trying to add value to that blog by adding the conversion. If you are devoted to your job you will definitely achieve the result of your hard work.

You can disagree with the post

It may not be the case that visitor will always agree with your opinion. You as a blog owner should feel open if someone disagrees your post and challenge your point. This creates opportunities for further interaction and gives more people a chance to jump and leave their point of view.

If you are commenting on others post it is always ok to attack ideas but no the presenter. Challenging ideas is completely acceptable but personal attacks add nothing. Feel free to disagree but don’t be disagreeable.

Ask questions

Always read the post carefully and go through the comments that people have mentioned. If you have something else in your mind why not ask a question? Or bring a point that no one has mentioned.

The common things that happen are the viewers will fully agree with the popular blog writer. You can offer a contrarian view which helps to extend the conversation.

Know why are you leaving a comment

If you are leaving a comment to draw attention on yourself, then your comment is not of value. Blog comment works best to indirectly add value and promote yourself. Write a comment in such a way that people will themselves check out your blog or follow you on various social media platforms.

If you leave a comment that clearly intends to promote yourself you will gain nothing and hurt your reputation as well.

Tips for writing great blog comments on your own blog post

If you allow readers to comment on your blog, it means you concern their thought about your post.

 You can encourage readers to comment more and more. Here is how you can do it.

Reply comments

If readers are commenting on your post make sure to reply to them. Make sure to answer the question and clarify the confusion of your readers. Even if you are receiving a heavy amount of comments take time to reply as many as possible. Making effort on replying comments encourage the readers to comment again and again.

Ask readers to expand on your thoughts

Most often people express their thought about a particular topic. Feel free to engage and ask them to clarify their thoughts. The readers may not always view your reply again but still, it means that you value their thought. Other people reading the comments also get inspired to comment on the post seeing your replies.

Consider adding great reader comments at the bottom of the post

Including some great special comments on your post encourage the viewers to comment again. You can highlight those comments at the bottom of your post to make special mention of the comments.

You can also add the link to the commenter's post is available for an extra incentive for the readers to comment more. This action really encourages the commenter to recheck their comments and may encourage them to re-comment.

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