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Top 10 Strategies To Target Facebook Ads For Higher Sales

Top 10 Strategies To Target Facebook Ads For Higher Sales

In this article, we are going to discuss how to target Facebook ads.

Facebook is very popular these day and carries huge potential and opportunities for business to connect with many potential customers. But it is not so easy than said because the search for organic content is decreasing.

Facebook changed its algorithm in such a way that people can view more personal content rather than other public content in January. These days you should pay for ads if you want to reach your target audience.

But it's still uncertain, you may invest huge amount on advertisement but still struggle to get proper results.

Now, we are going to provide some strategies on how to target Facebook ads.

How to target Facebook Ads?

1. Target the audience's interest

You should always be specific while targeting your audiences. Just a demographic target like age and gender is not enough.

The target audience should not be too large because your CTR will be low and your ads may fail completely. You should always narrow your customer by defining the interest of your genuine customers.

If your target audiences are golfers Bubba Watson can be a better choice than Tiger Woods because Tiger Woods is so famous that even non-golfers maybe his fan.

With Facebook ads, you can target tons of different interests.

To discover interest, go to ad settings>> Interest and search for the interest in the search box and Facebook will suggest for you.

You will be provided with a description of the interest and the number of people sharing it. Don't select for multiple interests at once as only one interest is far broad to target the specific groups.

Facebook ads interest sectionSource:

2. Start with the combination of basic demographics

The first thing that Facebook asks you to select before setting up ad is the location, age and gender of your target group. But keep in mind that it is a huge mistake just to select these three targeting groups skipping past the basics

You can also learn some strategies on free course by Facebook regarding how business can use their targeting options.

This course can provide you with a solid foundation in advertising. You should consider learning this course before moving to advanced targeting classes.

The main focus should be to narrow your target audiences even for these three basic fields. You should try to speak differently to different age and gender even if every age group and gender can use your products.

Basic demographics  for Facebook adsSource:

3. Search for people who are looking to buy your product

It might sound creepy, but Facebook is generally able to find out if you've been online looking for something to buy. The excellent way to target audience is to sell high-end products because of around 73% of customers search product online before making a purchase.

54% of people will make a decision in less than a week even for a product worth $500 and 75% will already have bought the product by a two-week interval.

These days most of the customers make up their minds on the basis of price and offering discount could also be enough to persuade them to purchase your goods.

You can get this idea from ad settings>> Behaviour. Type your ideas and see what Facebook suggests you. Within those folders, there are subfolders too, so that can you can narrow your search even more.

For example, if you are selling modern high-end furniture, you should consider targeting purchase behaviour for " modern sofa " rather than " furniture" or " sofa".

Facebook ads behaviour sectionSource:

4. Target audience by their level of income

You have a business of high-end product and can be bought typically by the people earning $100,000 a year and what if you are focusing on college students. Not a good idea right?

So, your products and services should be targeted to the people with a specific income level.

You can target customers through 30 different financial behaviour through Facebook. Adopting this strategy helps you discover the people viewing the ad are the one who is willing to buy your products. You can target audiences by their income level in Demographics section- Income, Liquid assets or Net worth.

For example, You are running a business on wedding rings. If you create an ad showing a mid-range ring and display to everyone, it won't be effective. Your strategy should be to target low-income men with affordable rings and affluent men with the highest price ring.

Facebook ads net worth section

5. Target home ownership

Facebook offers a feature to target people on whether they rent or own their home. You can even narrow your search by checking whether they are a first-time homebuyer or not. This option is also available in the Demographics section.

If you are a realtor, it is a great way to target ideal customers. But for the rest of us knowing these metrics can be helpful for home care services, companies selling insurances and many more.

And if you find out first-time home buyers you can target all the home appliances from kitchenware to a living room set.

Facebook ads home ownerships

6. Group audience by the level of education

You can customize everything from language to tone if you know your audience's level of education. It can also be helpful if your products are suitable for people with a certain level of education.

If you are offering University ad for Master's degree program, you should target the students who have already complete their bachelor degree. You can find education in the Demographics section.

It can be further narrowed down by specific school attended or field of study. According to research, 68% of the Facebook users have a college degree and Facebook can easily target ideal consumer who has s secondary education.

Facebook ads level of education

7. Choose ethnicity

You have the option to select ethnic affinity of you are living in the U.S.A. This option can be found under Demographics.

This option can be helpful to target particular ethnicity with particular products or services.

Facebook ads ethnicity category

8. Target people with children

You can target people according to their parental status and age of their children under the Demographics section. It also provides an option to specifically target moms. This option is very helpful if you own business selling children's products. Research shows that parent always takes into accounts their children's interest when making household or family purchase.

Your ad results can be improved by finding out the child that fits a particular demographic.

9. Target couples who have an anniversary approaching

You can find " Life Events" in the Demographics section. You can find anniversary choices within this category. You can target a couple with the anniversary in next month or next two month and targeting them to buy a present is also a good option to select. For retailers, holidays and anniversaries are huge events.

Facebook ads life events anniversary section

10. Target people who are in long-distance relationships.

Another useful category under " Life Events" is long-distance relationships. These days there are millions of people who are in long-distance relationships. It can be a great market if you can sell a gift along with fast delivery in their life events like birthdays, anniversaries or holidays.

Imagine a situation, You forgot to send a gift to your partner for Valentine's day but suddenly saw an ad promising same-day delivery of flowers. Wow right?

If your business falls under this category why not to give it a try.


Facebook Ads can be very helpful for your business and can narrow the target audiences for your business. Your ad strategy and the market should be perfectly matched in order to obtain results and don't worry about going too narrow.

You can focus on particular groups as there are billions of people on Facebook. Narrow down and stay focused on a tiny portion to rank up in making a profit.

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