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Simple and easy steps to make money on Facebook?

 Simple and easy steps  to make money on Facebook?

Facebook is an online social networking site which connects people with their families and friends. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004 while he was enrolled at Harvard University. Facebook is the second largest site with more than 1 billion users after Google.

It is so popular nowadays as it allows to send messages and post status to keep in touch with friends and families. It allows to share photos, videos and links but sharing something is different than other types of online communication. The thing you share is more public while facebook also offers privacy tools to limit your visibility.

How to make money on Facebook?

Sharing post and receiving notification might be your daily routine. But you can actually make money on Facebook. Literally almost all things can be sold on Facebook including your used cars, secondhand items, ebooks and many more. But things like Alcohol, illegal drugs, Tobacco, Animals, certain healthcare products and Real money gambling products cannot be sold.

After creating a good profile on Facebook you can sell anything but there are other ways to make money too. You may not receive a huge amount of money instantly but all your investment is definitely going to pay a lot in return.

Below we are going to discuss some of the popular ways to generate money on Facebook. Let's get started.

Make money through Facebook pages

A Facebook page has the potential to earn millions or even a billion. Many people have started earning a good amount of money and now it's your turn. Let's crawl through some of the steps on making money through Facebook pages.

1. Discover a niche

The first thing you should do is to find the population group of similar interest and know their potential. For example, if your page is related to affiliate marketing then you can generate a decent amount of money through websites like Amazon. Remember that earning through 

Facebook page is not a fortnight work.

All the information related to your field should be gathered so that you can create quality content for your fans. The content you create also should convince other people of similar interest to like your page.

2. Publish content frequently

After discovering niche, start posting your content. Your content must carry potential so that people like, read and share. As we know that Facebook generates poor organic traffic so there is a chance that people forget if you are not consistent.

Create as many contents and schedule your post. This really helps the engagement even if you are busy as the page keeps running.

There is an availability of app like HootSuite and Buffer for scheduling the social media posts.

3. Try creating a healthy relationship

Relationships are compulsory in the field of marketing. You will receive your first payment through sponsored posts or collaborative promotions. Sponsors offer money for advertising their brands or even posting a link of their brands.

4. Apply for affiliate program

If you have a good name in a town and decent fan base, you can apply to affiliate programs to make more money. Some of the famous affiliate providers are Amazon, CJ, Shareasale, Clickbank etc.

Make money selling products on Facebook

Facebook offers a feature to make an offer to earn money by selling our products. You can put a link of your product as well as a coupon code to offer a discount to attract the visitors.

You can also embed an affiliate link from any website and attach a coupon code ( Optional). You will receive money if your fans buy anything from that link. Websites like Amazon, Flipkart provides paid links and provides you with a commission on their earnings.

Consider providing an attractive offer to your fans and the offer must be competitive and better than other competitors.

Become a Facebook freelance marketer

You can earn a good amount of money ($ 50 per hour) becoming a freelance Facebook marketer. There are some skills and requirements to become a freelance Facebook marketer.

You must be able to discover and predict the type of post that is working well on the particular day of the week. Facebook also has its page analytics and marketing can be successful only if someone is able to measure the stats.

You must be able to make marketing strategies and decisions. Strategic planning is very crucial for a successful marketing campaign.

               The key thing is, you must be able to discover which type of content works better according to the situation.

Make money becoming an influencer

You may have a normal profile on Facebook. There is nothing to worry about if posts on your Facebook gets a good amount of likes and comments. You can earn money from being an influencer.

You can make interaction with your fans if you have a fan following page and can make money by signing up an influencer account-either or

You will have to fill form entering your profile information and can fix price as an influencer. Amazing right?

Make money through Facebook apps

You are familiar to programming then you can develop a Facebook app. You can apply for banner ads in your app and make a good amount of money. You can also make money by selling your virtual goods.

Make money selling old accounts

Do you have old Facebook accounts? Now you can sell those accounts and make money. Marketers are nowadays buying those accounts for their promotional purposes as Facebook provides more weightage to old accounts. You can also sell your group or page with a good number of the fan base.

Make money through Facebook groups

Create a Facebook group and make a group of more than 10 thousands member. You can create a good conversation with people and engage them with posts, images, polls etc. You can earn money through paid surveys, Sponsored content, affiliate marketing as well as selling your own content.

How to monetize Facebook page with Google's AdSense?

Facebook pages and groups allow reaching among a large number of audiences. These pages and groups are an important part both for community and advertisers. Google Adsense is a legal and very effective way to generate cash on Facebook. Facebook pages are also good means for generating traffic on Adsense.

Can Adsense be used on Facebook?

The answer is yes. Facebook allows us to use Google Adsense. It is totally free and no investment is required. However, in some case Adsense might be banned if there is no content or problematic content. In other cases, it's just like applying Adsense to your website.

Let's crawl through quick steps to monetize Facebook page with Google Adsense:

Create Adsense Ad unit

First of all login to your Adsense account and create an auto-sized or responsive Ad unit.

Install Static HTML App

You will need a mechanism of adding HTML to add Adsense code on the page. This app helps us to add our custom javascript, HTML or CSS to the Facebook pages. To perform this action, go to Static HTML and click "Add Static HTML to a page". On clicking this you will be redirected to a new page which allows you to choose a page to enable Adsense. Now, select the page and click "Add Page".

Add Adsense ad to your Facebook page

Now you will see a new tab added to your page sidebar. Simply click it and remove the sample content. Copy the Adsense's code and paste it and add some textual content on the page where Ad-sense is to be shown. Write quality content and click "Publish Page" available at the top-right.

Finalize your action

Now, preview to check if Adsense is showing or not. If it is enabled you will start getting revenues as soon as your fans that new tab or the promotional offer page.

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