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What is Karma on Reddit and How to get more karma on Reddit

What is Karma on Reddit and How to get more karma on Reddit

Reddit has employed its own form of Karma which is different from real-world KarmaKarma in the real-world is an act of getting back whatever you put into the world.

Karma on Reddit Meaning

To define it simply, Reddit Karma is Reddit's voting system. You will see the posts with most Karma on the front page. Reddit keeps track of how much Karma each of the users has earned.

If you are a Reddit user you might have noticed upvote and downvote button next to every post or comment. You can give either positive or negative Karma to the post by clicking those buttons. Negative Karma decreases the number of points to the post while positive Karma increases the points to the post.

Reddit shows your total Karma on your profile. Users can see the breakdown of your post-Karma and comment on Karma by hovering over your Username on desktop. There are some people who are so good at Reddit and runs their Karma into millions.

The reason behind Reddit's Karma is to show the best possible content to users. At the top page, you will always see upvoted posts and comments with tons of points and the posts with tons of downvote usually remains hidden.

Sometimes you might have noticed small (†) next to their Karma count. This means the posts have an almost equal amount of downvotes and upvotes.

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How to get more Karma on Reddit?

The best possible way to earn Karma on Reddit is by posting organic content. You may get tempted to increase post quantity in the hope of getting widely upvoted but this should be slowed down. Reddit has termed the practice of posting random content and spamming reposts as " Karma farming" which is highly discouraged.

Here are some ways to gain more Karma on Reddit.

1. Post content that is unique or funny

Sounds obvious right? But your content should be notable in order to get noticed. You can post memes with viral potential and fascinating as well as unusual photos and videos. You can also scroll posts from the top to discover the patterns that are working well in getting Karma.

2. Join popular Subreddits.

Millions of people hang out on some big subreddits like r/pics or r/funny. You can get tons of Karma if you post something that hits home with them. But such massive communities are heavily moderated and you will have a very hard time cutting through noise even if you try to post as a newbie.

3. Be the first to comment

This is another good trick. Go to popular subreddit and look for the new posts having good upvoting potential and add your comment. If the posts you commented get hot your comment will go up.

Relevant GIF reactions and witty comments are usually good for upvotes.

4. Discuss hot topic

Reddit is a platform where there's always a heated discussion. You can discuss something about disappointing Game of Thrones finale or something else to create a buzz.

But note that the hot topics are generally polarizing. You are likely to earn Karma or get downvoted especially if you post an unpopular opinion.

5. Ask a question and answer on subreddit r/AskReddit

r/AskReddit is one of the biggest subreddit with around 23million members. This is twice the population of Belgium and offers you to ask and answer any kinds of questions. 

You will earn tons of Karma if users feel your question is worth asking.

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