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How to gain Twitter followers organicallly without spending a penny?

How to gain Twitter followers organicallly without spending a penny?

As we all know that twitter is a powerful social platform form business. It can help people to generate engagement, build a connection with the targeted audience and grow their personal business. These days it is very difficult to gain genuine fans, but it's still possible to create an engaging Twitter account that attracts loyal and genuine followers.

Here's a tip to gain loyal and genuine Twitter followers:

Tweet Frequently

Make sure to tweet often because it offers a short span of connection to your followers to engage with you. There is no exact time interval between two tweets but it is recommended to tweet every three hours a day. It can be beneficial to tweet on weekends. Brands get 17% more engagement on weekends as compared to other days according to Dan Zarella's research. There should be consistency in content. You can schedule your tweets in advance if you are unable to tweet consistently. As   Twitter traffic is at a peak from 1 pm to 3 pm always try twitting between these hours. But you should always remember not to tweet in a burst. People may unfollow you due to more number of tweets in a short interval of time. It is also a wise decision to check the analytics to determine the best time to tweet

Use Hashtags

A hashtag is simply an admissible word or series of characters preceded by the symbol #. It helps to categorize the messages that make it easier for Twitter users to search for tweets. It is believed that the use of relevant hashtags gets at least two times more engagements. The use of hashtags helps to attract new followers who are searching for similar hashtags. It is always better to keep them to a maximum of three. Well, it can be a cool idea to use trending hashtags. You can search for various trending hashtags that are related to your business and reply to get more engaged using those trending hashtags. Using these hashtags help in growing your twitter followers instantly. You can also create your own tweet community by using a business-specific or campaign hashtags. You want to grow your business right? You can search and follow the people that have hashtags or keywords similar to your business. Lastly use #FF (FollowFriday) for your tweets and recommend others to tweet using hashtags #FollowFriday.

Mention people

Mentioning at least 3 people a day will help you to increase the number of Twitter followers on Twitter account. While replying any tweet mention the reference user's name as it increases the chances of people getting more engaged when you mentioned by their name. You can also respond in public and share your experience and views which can help drawing more followers and always @ mention the name of the person who asked the question. If any brands have mentioned you or your brands make sure to tweet about them. You should always be active, attentive and quick to your follower's answers or tweets. Always feel free and open to adding your opinion if you find any interesting tweets

Participate in Twitter chats

You can participate in Twitter chats and popularize your Twitter handle. Chats are prominent ways to engage more followers. If anyone has replied to your chats, follow that person as they're likely to follow you back. You can also create a blog on your website that includes the article about Twitter chats and add valuable answers in the form of screenshots to your blog. Try creating a buzz among the people by preparing the list of questions to be discussed in your twitter chats. In conclusion, Twitter is a great way to engage the followers permanently in your account.

Optimize your Twitter profile

People will decide whether to follow you or not by examining your bio. So, make sure to clearly mention about you and your business in the bio. Add keywords to your bio which can help to show you up in Twitter's search result. The keyword must be relevant which describes your business. Always consider using headshots instead of your brand's logo. It is always important to show a real face because nobody wants to follow the faceless brands these days. You can also add a link to your blog because Twitter's bio is not enough to explain to you and your business in detail. It is also a good idea to insert location which can increase the credibility of your Twitter account. Your Twitter profile must be complete.

Optimize your tweets

You should always be informative while posting on Twitter. Most of your posts must be related to your business rather than yourself. There is more chance of getting retweets if you tweet motivational quotes and inspirational words. It can help in gaining followers because such a post receives many likes and retweets. You can also add images to your tweets as tweets with images involves 18% more twitter traffic than regular tweets without images.  You can also use words like please, you, Twitter, and retweet in your post as these words are more likely to be retweeted. As twitting has been more and more visual you can add videos to your tweets. Be as creative as possible because you have just 280 characters to attract followers to your account. You can go for one sentence quotes or headlines and use eye-catchy GIFs. The most important thing is always one of the trusted sources of information and tweet according to what your followers want.

Engage socially

You should be active socially. It is better to follow the leaders related to your business and even interact with them to popularize your account. You can also follow back the people who are following you so that you can make them special and there can be a chance to attract more followers. To engage socially you can use a Twitter search to find out the people with similar interests. If you gain the followers this way you can then engage them by Retwitting their post in a positive way or can engage them by telling a story. You can also reach out to a big influencer on Twitter.

Promote your Twitter account

You can also gain followers by cross-promoting your Twitter account on various social sites. You can embed your live Twitter feed on Websites and blogs. Clicking to the Twitter button, it directs the person to that live tweet. Interesting right? You can also embed your best Tweets. You can use your Twitter account in all marketing platforms.

Things to be noted

Focus on genuine followers and don’t ever think of buying fake followers. Initially, it might somehow sound good to increase Twitter followers but this action is not going to promote your business. This action also may lead your account to be suspended so always give priority in making genuine followers. Remember to bring variation in the content you post because people will lose interest in your similar content. You can consider funny tweets sometimes because funny tweets are among the most liked and retweeted by different categories of people. Lastly, avoid too much promotion of your products, services, or blogs which may lead your account to spamming account.

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