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How To Delete Search History In Facebook on Desktop And Mobile Devices?

How To Delete Search History In Facebook on Desktop And Mobile Devices?

Most of the people may not have realized that Facebook actually tracks what you've searched for currently. This will help you to navigate to your most frequently visited pages but who and what you search on Facebook is a private matter right?

You should consider deleting your Facebook search history first before handing off your computer or phone to your friends.

Luckily Facebook allows you to delete your search history in some clicks or taps from your phone or desktop.

How to delete search history in Facebook?

Delete Facebook search history on Computer.

1. Open Facebook using any of your web browser from PC or Mac and open your profile picture. Now, on the bottom right of your cover image, you will see " Activity Log". Simply click it.

Activity Log in Facebook

2. Select " More" from the left-hand menu.

More options on Activity Log on Facebook

3. Select " Search History" from the extended menu.

Facebook's search history

4. Now you will see " Clear Searches" on the top-right corner next to Search History. If you want to delete each search item to delete specifically click cancel item next to it.

Clear search history in Facebook

5. Again click " Clear Searches" to confirm the process and you're done.

Delete search history on Facebook

Delete Facebook search history on Mobile devices.

1. Open your Facebook using the Facebook app on Android or iPhone.

2. Tap the search icon available at the top right corner of the screen.

Facebook search icon on Facebook app

3. Tap " Edit" which is next to where it says recent searches.

Edit search history on Facebook

4. Tap " Clear Searches" from the top of the Activity Log for deleting Facebook search history instantly. Next, you can also top the " X" icon next to each search item to clear the specific search.

Clear searches on Facebook

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