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Create and Promote classified ads website for free

Create and Promote classified ads website for free

Nowadays classified ads websites are one of the popular types of websites around the world. But why? Well, its because online shopping is very popular these days and millions of people around the world shop through online classifieds.

Online classifieds offer various products online which provides an excellent choice for the users who purchase online.

Many people aren't successful in this field and think launching such a website is a complicated job. But the main problem arises when effects aren't noticed and there are some reasons for it.

If you are one of them don't panic, we are here to help you in achieving better results. Before moving to our actual topic, let's discuss some crucial factors that affect your online sales.

Factors to be considered while creating classified ads websites

1. Locations

Locations must be taken into consideration for running a well-functioning classified ads website. For example, your website must contain map solutions such as Google maps if you are focusing on the real state in London. In conclusion, you should start from small regions such as a district or city and expand it later.

2. Categories

Right categories are the must while promoting classified ads website and your categories must have a user-friendly and clear layout. Your categories must be organized in a clear and logical way so that people can easily publish items in the appropriate section. Organized categories are also important for SEO.

Your main aim is to attract visitors and they will end up leaving your website if they don't find the item they look for.

Make a detailed study and take time to organize it inappropriate manner. Make sure it is clear as well as expandable.


Start from a small number of categories and increase it gradually. Don't create all categories at once leaving most of them empty.

3. Content

You should create content that is SEO friendly and that ranks higher on Google. You should have a detailed study and research and focus on various factors like Copywrite issues.

Perform keyword research and make sure to include keywords and phrases.

 And last but not the least, make your URL structure SEO and user friendly.


Research your competitor's sites and carry the analysis of keywords. People often search for a keyword or phrases like used bikes or used smartphones.


Performing good SEO helps to increase visibility in Search Engines and rank high on Google. You want your websites to rank higher on a particular keyword or phrase right? SEO is the best practice for getting your site promoted in the context of long-term effects.

You should consider content while creating your website. Content containing keywords will help you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

5. User friendly and compatible

This is also an important aspect of generating huge web traffic to your websites. Your website must be simple in design and should contain a simple User Interface. Your website should allow quick navigation that helps users to find their products easily.

You can also provide some offers such as allowing you to add some ads for free to promote it initially.

Above are some factors to be considered while building classified ads websites. Now, its time to promote your website through various online and offline platforms. This is even more important because it's not worth it if there are no traffics on your website.

How to promote a classified ads website?

1. Various social media platforms

These days social media is a very good source of online traffics. Most of the business is able to generate a huge amount of sales by promoting their business in various social media platforms.

The first step is to drive traffics to your websites from various social media platforms which are like a reflection to your websites.

Facebook allows you to create a business page and promote your business along with pictures, videos, texts, and links.

Selecting an appropriate niche and promoting your business provides you with a chance for great results.

2. Advertisement

Research and find out the cheapest possible ways of advertising your website. For a start, you can make interaction with social media, other classified sites, and Google AdWords to name a few.

Conducting advertisement campaigns on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also provide great results. These platforms offer various discounts for beginners, so you can advertise your business initially with low financial outlay.

3. Public Interaction

Publish interaction should also be included in your business model. You should make a query about whether or not your customers are satisfied with your services. You can also include re-visits messages to your customers which can bring you excellent results.

You should welcome interaction among your clients and which envokes a good impression in the client's mind.

You can also allow users to visit your website to interact with the seller directly. This allows users to visit your site once again to read reply messages from the seller.

4. Some other advertising practices

You know what? Arranging for free giveaways, discounts, or lottery can generate more traffic and gain a huge number of customers to your websites.

You can conduct email-marketing and inform visitors about the events happening in your websites.

Last but not the least, stay active on various social media platforms like YouTube videos, blogs, forums, and guest blogs to name a few.


All the points discussed above are one of the most important factors for creating and promoting a classified ads website. There are various other ways to create and promote a classified ads website. You can try out various methods and select the best as per your suitability. Initially, focus on your website's structures and generating huge traffic with a small budget.

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