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What is Google AdX account ? Adsense Vs Adx, How to get into Google AdX account?

What is Google AdX account ?  Adsense Vs Adx,  How to get into Google AdX account?

In this article, we are going to discuss Google AdX and how to get into Google AdX account.

Google Adsense and Google AdX ( AdExchange) are advertising platforms run by Google. Their common aim is to allow publishers to make a profit by running ads.

Google AdX( AdExchange)

Google AdX which was previously known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange is the platform in which publishers can sell their Ad inventory to agencies and advertisers. Google AdX depends on real-time bidding technology.

An advertiser can make a quick decision as Ad inventory can be brought with real-time bidding. They can bid on the parameters like Ad placement, Ad size, publisher site, retarding Ads to name few. This platform also allows the display of programmatic Ads.

Working of Google AdX

Google AdX cannot be directly integrated into a publisher's website like Adsense. First of all, a publisher must create Google Ad Manager ( GAM) account to use it. This account provides an opportunity to display direct campaigns on the publisher's website.

Google AdX Vs Google Adsense

Google AdX requires a minimum of 5 million monthly page views but it is not the case in Google Adsense.

Google AdX provides better control over bidding but Adsense provides control over only how many Ads are displayed per website.

Google AdX requires complex setup as you will need to have GAM account first. Adsense can be set up within a minute without the requirement of GAM account.

Google AdX is especially for advanced publishers along with additional knowledge in the industry. Adsense is suitable for a medium as well as small publishers.

Which is more beneficial ? ( AdX or Adsense)

Google AdX is similar to Adsense in terms of function so the overall profit comes down to the scale, control and sophistication of your overall marketing efforts.

The publishers with AdX account share a higher percentage of revenue as compared to Publishers with Adsense account. Adsense is especially for a small and medium publisher who lacks technical knowledge. AdX is for advanced publishers with good knowledge in ad industries and technology.

Adsense pays you per click and you will be able to make huge revenue if your CTR is high. But keep in mind that if your CTR is higher than average, it is probable that you are receiving false clicks.

You can consider monetizing your site with ad operation managers if your website has over 1M page views per month. Because the header bidding technology helps to connect to Google AdX as well as Pubmatic and other SSPs.

How to get into Google AdX account?

 It is not that easy to be eligible to use Google AdExchange. Online publishers need to go through a lot of requirements.

First of all, you should become a preferred publisher. You should have at least 5M page views every month along with family-friendly content and a minimum of 10 million Ad impressions per month through Google Adsense running for at least 6 months.

 Those are only ways to get into Google AdX account that allows you to serve ads of any size with many customizable capabilities and directly contact with Google reps. But Google goes through all the requirements and some preferred publishers also don't even qualify. We are listing those requirements below and if you rank high on those requirements you can apply for Google Ad Exchange.

Do you have a high percentage of non-text ads?

Do you have a conflict with your direct sales team?

Do you have a large volume of over 10M of ad impression through Adsense?

Do you use DoubleClick for publishers to serve ads?

Do you gain high average CPC?

Are you running Adsense for many years?

If you go through all of the above requirements then you are eligible to use Google Ad Exchange. The reason why Google has made AdX so exclusive is that they have reserved it for big brand advertisers that pays high CPMs and CPCs.

If your site is able to perform well on Google Adsense. It does not matter as Adsense is the subset of AdX that includes all fo the Google Adsense ( Adwords) and much much more.

You will be able to receive higher CPMs as compared to Adsense because they will allow you to choose the highest paying advertisers. I think you should give it a try?

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