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How to gain more Instagram followers organically ?

How to gain more  Instagram followers organically ?

Going back to years or ago, it was easy to get more Instagram followers. But it is not the case now, there are over 1 billion monthly users, tons of creative and clever brands, and ultra-smart algorithm which has made it very competitive. It is a tough task to grow your Instagram followers organically today. But there are plenty of clues for us to follow and increase visibility.

Here we are sharing 10 best methods to grow your Instagram followers organically

10 Tips on how to grow Instagram followers organically

As stated above, growing Instagram followers is not an easy job as it used to be sometimes. But these tips and tricks can really help you gain huge numbers of organic followers.

1. Treat Instagram profile like a homepage

You will need to pay attention to your profile if you want to grow your Instagram followers organically in 2020. Your feed offers your first opportunity to make people hit the follow button. You as an Instagram user decide whether or not to follow the people simply looking at their profile. And profile helps to make a decision within seconds whether or not to follow that business.

People roughly go through your feed, bio, or stories and make their decisions. Nowadays it is no longer photo only that makes an impression.

The moral of the story is to have a nice Instagram photo, effective bio, and active stories. It is very easy to build a professional-looking feed using the Instagram aesthetic.

2. Write longer captions on your posts

Past few years Instagram used to be all about visuals like high-quality photography, cohesive aesthetic, and on-brand images. But in 2020 authenticity is greatly important than just appearance. Writing long-form captions helps your audience learn about your brands and click that Follow button.

The good looking and convincing caption can include 65 to 70 words normally.

Writing longer and detailed captions help in building a stronger relationship with audiences. And you know, relationships are key to business success.

3. Work with Micro-influencers

Instagrams influencers partnerships help greatly if you want to reach new audiences. Instagram has a higher engagement rate than any other social media and a strong influencer campaign strategy is a real asset to brands.

Nowadays brands are starting to swing away building a long-lasting relationship with micro-influencers. Micro-influencer marketing strategy works when done in a proper way. It is found that micro-influencers within 25k followers have the highest engagement rates on their feed posts.

Carrying a long term partnership with influencers can build stronger attraction with influencer's audience. Audiences will start to build trust in your business through regular collaboration.

4. Create IGTV series

We can expect a lot from IGTV feature because brands are jumping on board and getting more and more creative with Instagram videos. IGTV allows users to browse and pick a video that increases engagement and attention. It is similar to how you browse Netflix to find the perfect program.

Anyone can create IGTV channel and upload a video of at most 10 minutes long.

5. Appear in related accounts suggestions

This hack is hardly utilized to grow followers but it really helps to increase followers of similar interest. When you visit your profile, Instagram offers offers" Suggested for you" list. Instagram selects this list of profiles based on that account's activity and the interest you follow.

Appearing in the list is a great way to gain more followers. If you become visible in your Competitor's " Suggested for you" list, it can greatly help you. But there is no trick to get on "Suggested for you" list. It is just a game of trial and error.

6. Put keywords in Your Instagram name

The name field on Instagram is completely different from the username. The words that are included in the name field are actually searchable on Instagram. Make sure to do a quick review of the words that you have placed in your name field. This greatly helps you to appear in the "Suggested for you" list.

7. Engage with complementary brands and businesses

Instagram is a social space and everything is handled by the in-built algorithm. The only way Instagram know your relationship with another account is by like, engagement and comment.

Even if the business is completely different they can collaborate and support each other's work. Once you have discovered the brands to be associated with, start having engagement regularly.

8. Share more selfies

The important trend in 2020 is to make your account more personable and relatable as possible. You should show off what your brands and business are all about to increase followers.

The analytics shows that photos with faces get 38% more likes on Instagram. The easiest and effective way to introduce your brands is through video. You can capture and show some clips that can prove your brands set apart from all the other brands of similar interest.

Also, you can get your team to create content to display behind-the-scenes insights for your followers. Because people also want to know the person behind the brand.

Think of including more face-to-face screen time with your followers introducing your new as well as old band members.

9. Promote your content on other social media platforms

If you are thinking to take your business on a large scale, you should move outside Instagram too. It can be your YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. Promoting your content on other platforms helps you gain followers.

10. Integrate your Instagram feed into your website design

This looks quite simple but it works well. If you have a website from Wordpress, different plugins can help you to integrate your Instagram feed into a website.

The visitor on seeing beautiful Instagram aesthetic may want to see more and follow you on Instagram.

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