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Top 10 Fastest Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Top 10 Fastest Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

 In this article, we are going to cover some fastest ways to increase traffic to your website.

Website traffic these days is the driver and indicator of business growth.  Web traffics helps you to modify your marketing strategies, gather some important insights, improve SEO and generate more customers, leads and conversions. You should not just focus on the fastest ways to increase traffic to your website but also on ways to generate quality traffic.

Traffic is one of the important factors for determining your website's rank and which in turn, generates even more traffic. There are a couple of ways to increase traffic to your website who can eventually convert into customers and generate good revenue for your business.

There are some channels and strategies for driving traffic to your website like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Email marketing, social media, online ads, blogging and online directory listings to name few.

Fastest ways to increase traffic to your website

1. Content creation

One of the best ways to drive the right people to your website is creating content through blogging. In order to do this, you should be able to discover your buyer's choice. Once, you discover your customer's choice, create content accordingly to attract them to your website. 

But how can you create a good blog post?

Identify buyer's choice

The first thing to do is to find out buyer's choice and learn about the audience form their job titles to pain points.

Do SEO research

Carry out research on what your audiences are searching on search engines. This research can help you to create the right content.

Write a draft

Always begin by drafting your post that is able to answer your audience's questions.

Publish and promote

Finally, publish your blog post and promote on email newsletter and social media to generate more traffic. You will rank higher if you will be able to generate more traffics.

2. Target traffic that has search traffic potential

It is one of the most important and best marketing channels that will generate thousands of new users every month.

SEO ( search engine optimization) is one of the best ways which carries the potential to achieve consistent and long term results. You will be able to generate passive organic traffic to your website as long as you rank high on Google.

To target traffic with search potential you should write your content about the topic that people are searching for.

There are two ways to get started

Find low competition and high search volume keywords.

You can use various free and premium keywords research tools like SEMrush, Uber Suggest, Google keyword Planner to discover keywords. Provide them with a word or phrase for which you are going to create your content and filter those list by two metrics.

Search volume

It is the volume of a particular keyword that is searched for, every month in Google.

Keyword difficulty

It is the ranking difficulty that is presented as a numerical value between 0-100.

Use content explorer

Content explorer is the searchable database over a billion web pages. You can apply two filters to find low-hanging content ideas >>Referring domains less than 5 and organic traffic filter greater than 1000. This filter will provide you with a page that gets a huge number of organic traffic while having no or few backlinks. Go through those pages and find yourself a good topic to get started with.

3. Perform On-page SEO

There are many SEO strategies for your webpages that gradually increase their rank and generate a large number of traffic. On-page SEO includes creating high-quality content along with concise meta descriptions for your web pages. A meta description is a short description ( max length 300 characters ) that appears below the URL. 

Users are likely to click your webpage knowing what your webpage is about by reading meta description.

These are completely free SEO tactics but may take some time to get results.

4. Organic social media

It is not completely new strategies but still something that publishers or marketers should pay attention to. You can use Instagram stories, IGTV, live video or Facebook Messenger besides posting on social media platforms.

Facebook has released an automated lead generation on Messenger that allows a business to create an automated chatbox experience within Messenger to link to your content. You can send traffic to your website through this policy.

You should adopt diverse social media strategies and choose correct social media platforms. Most of the people focus simply on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but other platforms like Pinterest and YouTube too carries huge potential to generate large traffics. Nowadays Pinterest is able to generate great engagement rates with 66% of Pinterest users making a purchase after seeing the brand's pin.

You should know your audiences and communicate with them directly through your content.

5. Build backlinks

A backlink is a link to your website from another site. If your site gets linked from a complementary business you will be able to explore your business with large audiences as well as drive quality traffic to your website. When Google sees some trusted site pointing you, it will pick up backlinks and increase its trust in your business too.

If Google trusts you, you can rank high on Google and increase traffic.

6. Use hashtags and Landing pages 

You can extend your reach beyond your network by adding hashtags to your post. Your page will get discovered by users searching for products and services and can drive huge traffic if more eyes get on your links.

Another free source to increase traffic to your website are landing pages. Landing pages are the pages specific to offers such as granting a discount code, starting a free trial and free guide to name few. It contains information about users need and focus on a specific call to action.

You can get targeted in your messaging because landing pages are very specific to increase traffic to your website.

7. Incorporate video into your content strategy

Text-based content works well but a video is one of the valuable assets for attracting new visitors and making the site more and more engaging.

According to research, information retention is very high for visual materials rather than for text. These days video marketing is an excellent way to grab customer's attention as well as boost traffic to your website at the same time.

8. Email marketing

One of the great ways to increase traffic is to send out a regular newsletter and promote things through emails. This helps you to stay in touch and provide useful information to your traffic.

Consider providing useful information and links to the pages that will increase engagements like blog posts and landing pages for special offers.

But make sure not to bombard your readers with emails as there will be a chance of disengagement, deletion or even unsubscription of your emails.

One way to influence your readers is to put careful thoughts on emails subject lines. The subject is the factor that influences whether or not a user opens your emails. You will not be able to increase traffic if they never open your emails.

9. Host Webinars

People are always eager to learn something. Webinars can be an excellent way to provide your information to your eagerly waiting audiences. Webinar when combined with effective social promotion, are the great ways to increase traffic to your website.

Send out emails providing information about the webinar and send them " last chance to register" reminder just the day before the webinar.

 Create a presentation of the webinar for later viewing and promote them widely through social media platforms.

10. Guest blog

You can boost your website traffic if you will be able to have an industry influencer to publish a blog post on your site. You can also turn their interview into a blog post which will generate traffic both through organic search as well as the influencer promoting content.

A guest blog helps to add variety to content which displays your visitors that you are active in your field.

Another way to do this is to request influencer to mention your business or industry in their round-up or review post. This is a free method but you will need collaboration with the influencers to exchange mutual benefits.

Sometimes, you yourself can be a guest blogger. You can find out complementary business in your area and see if you can publish a post to their blog with a link back to your website. But make sure your content is useful and informative to their audiences.


The methods mentioned above are some of the most used methods to increase traffic to your website. There are many other free as well as a paid method to increase web traffic. All the methods mentioned above are completely free methods. You can also adopt these methods to increase visibility in search engines and rank high on Google.

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