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7 ways to share a link on Instagram for reaching out more audiences

7 ways to share a link on Instagram for reaching out more audiences

In this article, we are going to discuss how to share a link on Instagram.

One of the main reasons for sharing links on Instagram is to promote your business. Instagram is one of the most popular social media with more than one billion monthly active users. Instagram carries the potential to drive large traffic and promote sales if you are running an eCommerce website.

But the problem is Instagram allows you to place a clickable link on your profile in bio. But don't panic there are other ways to share a link on Instagram and drive huge traffic to your website.

Now, let's go through some of the ways on how to share a link on Instagram.

How to share a link on Instagram?

1. Add a link to Instagram bio

It is one of the simplest methods to share a link on Instagram. It is the only place on Instagram where anyone can share a clickable link. The link to be shared should be your " home" link.

The other methods to share clickable links to only targeted to specific audiences. Anyone can view and click the link if they happen to visit your profile. This link can be changed according to your promotions.

The only demerit of changing link is that your old post also gets lost. If someone finds your old link and tries to learn about it from your bio they will find a different link.

But we recommend sharing links in your stories and if you want to make the content available, you can save the stories as permanent highlights in order to provide clickable links.

2. Add multiple links using a link service

It was quite common practice to use link services among the marketers when Instagram first reached its popularity. These services are still available but not so popular as it used to be. Instagram has added other design features for better user experience

There are few different formats available and the services like Linktree and Shroby provides your followers with clickable buttons. Adopting this strategy you can drive more and more audiences to your blog, landing page or elsewhere.

You can also create a matching screen with your branding in terms of aesthetic and users can click a photo from your post and link service will direct them towards the relevant page of your website.

3. Share links in your Instagram post's caption

You can also include clickable links in the captions of photo posts. You can grab the user's attention and extend your reach by carefully selecting hashtags.

You can make most of the post captions for links by following the below strategies.

• Use the short link for sharing

You can use service like Bitly to shorten the link so that it gets easier for users to remember or copy your link. This process requires effort but you can target a small group of people initially saving it for your top links or content.

• Write clear direction to your links

Make your link as obvious as possible because shorter links can be copied easily if the user chooses to. So, make a direction to your links crystal clear whether you post in your bio or stories.

4. Add links to your Instagram stories

Instagrams's swipe up link feature gets unlocked if your Business account has 10,000 or more followers. This feature allows you to include live links in Instagram stories.

This method is best for sharing links to new or time-sensitive content because your stories last for 24 hr until it is saved and added to highlights.

This is a great way to promote the seasonal event, flash sales or giveaways.

With a swipe uplinks, you can save your stories in the Highlights section of your profile. This action pins stories between bio and your photo grid.

5. Create links in Instagram shoppable content

You can create highly specific links with shoppable posts. But how? It's because each shopping tag links to only one specific physical product. These shopping tags are viewed as the most targeted conversions possible.

If you are selling a physical product, go and create a product catalogue on Facebook and add shopping links, images and description. Now, you can add these shopping tags to your Instagram posts.

Next to the standard tabs of the profile, you will also see a shopping tab and users can see your full product catalogue by clicking this tab. Items appear as a standard photo grid, but anyone can tap it to shop and users even can save it.

You can check the user's engagements and compare shopping post on several metrics like save and impressions.

Note: Attibution to individual product links is not added by Instagram so consider experimenting by adding UTM time to links in your product catalogue.

6. Add links to direct messages

If you want to reach your full potential consider using Instagram direct messages. You should take some time to monitor your stories, message requests and customer service questions. You should take time to reshare and respond in order to build customer's relationships.

Easiest ways to do this to react on user's post or stories and offer help. The direct message helps to establish private communications and users will really appreciate you treating them individually.

Now, you can send messages to welcome new followers or set up replies to your new follower. No matter whether you share links in your standard messages or your quick replies. Just share and nurture relationships with your every new follower.

7. Use Instagram ads

In order to promote posts and stories, you can use Instagram ads if you have an Instagram business profile. It is paid and allows you to add clickable links to the captions of your promoted post as well as select the target audience.

As long as you pay, Instagram allows you to share links in your post captions. Make sure to add links relevant to your post otherwise you will waste your money without any gain. Make a detailed study or get help from experts before you paid to promote your business.


You should use little of your creativity while sharing links on Instagrams. But if you do it the right way, it can expand your business and increase sales in no time. Make a good study on the above methods and adopt them carefully for your business promotion. Thank you

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