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Download YouTube Video and Music to PC using YT1s on a PC

Download YouTube Video and Music to PC using YT1s on a PC

YouTube has many entertaining and viral videos that you love to watch, even if you are somewhere with a poor or non-existent internet connection. Whenever you want to listen to your favorite song or want to grab a movie in those places with no internet facilities, then you must save those contents earlier on your devices. It is quite easy to download YouTube videos and save them for offline watching.

Here are the steps to download videos on your personal computers.

Using YT1s on a PC - The Best Youtube Downloader

Step 1 

Go to browser

We can use any browser present on our PC to open YouTube.

Step 2

Open the video you want to download

The video you have clicked will start playing.

Step 3

Copy the URL of the opened video

Click the web address at the top of the browser, and copy the whole address using ctrl + c.

 youtube video

Step 4

Go to in a browser

This online YouTube Downloader is opened using any browser present on your PC.

This is the free and online YouTube Downloader through which we can download any YouTube videos. This online downloader shows cookies. We can do a search or also can copy-paste the URL of YouTube video addresses.

Step 5

Paste the copied URL of YouTube videos

The copied URL from YouTube is pasted using the ctrl +v command.

 Paste YouTube Video Link

Step 6

Click on the Convert button

This Convert button is clicked to open the video present in that given URL. 

Step7: click on the get link button

Choose the quality for the video from the combo box and click on the get link button. 


Click on the Download button

When the download button is clicked, the video is downloaded to your PCs with the desired quality. If you want to download more videos, you can click on Convert next button. 


In this way, you can download youtube videos on your personal computers or laptops.

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