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What is webinar and how to host a webinar?

What is webinar and how to host a webinar?

A webinar (web seminars) is an online seminar, meeting or presentation held via the internet. It is an online event that connects people across the world. The webinar must include features like interactivity, the ability to discuss or receive and send information in real-time. It is very helpful to share ideas and knowledge with anyone virtually.

There are numerous possibilities of a webinar like building relationships or authority, however, the possibilities are endless. Planning a webinar is cheap and easy than organizing the seminar in real-time. It allows the global interaction and if anyone can't attend the meetings the recordings of a webinar can be sent.

Benefits of Webinar

From the above explanation, you have known what exactly webinar is. But what is the use of webinar? Here we are going to let you know the benefits of the webinar and why you should host a webinar

  • It helps to build a list of contacts as every registered person is a new contact for your database.
  • It helps to build brand awareness and offers various branding opportunities.
  • Webinar establishes you as an expert and trustworthy source of your industry's information. You can personally provide the solution to the problem over your products to your clients.
  • It plays a significant role in training the new employee in a fun way rather than explaining everything through a cluster of text.
  • It offers recording facilities which can later be viewed or sent to the person who couldn't attend the webinar.
  • It helps to reach a wider range of audiences. You can have up to 2000 attendees with Go To webinar platform.

What is a live webinar?

There are two ways to conduct webinars- Live webinar and Pre-recorded webinar. Live webinar is a real-time online seminar. As stated earlier, the webinar is the seminar conducted on the web and presenters can present their PowerPoint slides and speak over the airways in real-time. Live webinar is ultra-convenient for anyone and saves time and money needed for the seminar.

How does a live webinar works?

The host of a webinar can send out emails so that attendees can sign up for the links and attend the webinar. A webinar can be organized by sending out reminder emails to the attendees. The attendees can turn up the webinar a little early and wait until the host is ready to go live. It allows the PowerPoint presentation, listen to the voice, watch and learn. If attendees wish to ask any questions then it can be done using the chat facility. It allows the full interaction of the audiences.

How to host and schedule a webinar?

If you are new to a webinar meeting or wonder how to host a webinar meeting, then these steps will surely help you. It can really help with using a webinar.

Step1: Choose an appropriate date and time

Make sure to schedule the webinar event that works well for all of your attendees.

Step2: Pick your webinar topic

Pick a suitable topic for your webinar that will motivate your attendees. You can also invite the guest speaker of the related field to raise interest on attendees.

Step 3: Create a hashtag and customize your branding

Creating hashtags is a great start for a promotion that gives easy access to people on social media. Make sure to pick a suitable image for your landing page and logo that reflects your brand.

Step 4: Send an invitation

Now you should publicize your event. You can do ti either through the emails list, using hashtags on social media or posting it to your website.

Step 5: Build a quality webinar content

Your content plays a great role in engaging attendees. Consider including slides, polls, and handouts.

Step 6: Do a practice run and host your seminar

Make your speakers aware of the tools and features of the webinar so that everything will go smoothly. When the day arrives, your presentation will really pay off. Don't forget to record the event so that it can be uploaded on various video platforms.

What is GoTo webinar?

Goto webinar is a special platform for business as well as sole proprietors which facilitates the delivery of online video conferences with their attendees. This platform helps a lot for companies who want to reach their targeted audiences. Setup can easily be done by a layman without the need of IT professionals. It helps in providing online training and conduct engagements to participants virtually.

The webinar events can be recorded using webcams which is extremely helpful for reusable content. It offers analytics which helps to understand the audience and make the changes accordingly.

It offers features like- Email automation, Audience interaction, Recording, Lead management, Practice settings, Custom branding, Desktop sharing, Network security, Real-time analytics and many more.

It offers free trials as well as paid plans. The Starter plan costs $109 per month and Pro and Plus cost $249 and $499 respectively. Was it helpful? Let us know if you have any queries regarding the webinar.

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