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WD My Passport (5 TB)- Best External Hard Drive That You Can Buy

WD My Passport (5 TB)- Best External Hard Drive That You Can Buy

WD My Passport (5TB)

My Passport is portable and trusted storage device that guarantees confidence and freedom to drive in forward life. It is a new stylish drive with enough space to store and organize information and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. It is perfectly paired with WD backup™ software and password protection. So, it helps to keep the digital life's content safe and sound.
One of the common difference between top contender WD My Passport ( $149.99 for 5 TB model ) and external Hard drive is the company's effort to make plastic box look attractive. It has ripples over the surface and slightly rounded edges. It is highly portable as it can easily fit in shirt's pocket and range capacities from 1 TB to 5 TB.

Variation on a  Theme: 

My Passport arguably earns the description from WD as 'stylish'. It is available in various colour. The version formatted for Windows is the red or blue case while darker blue in case of Mac. There is no need for screws to hold the case together and fits and finish are also excellent. The partially rippled surfaces run from one corner to the diagonal centre in the both. WD logo can also be noticed at the upper right corner of the top.  USB 3.2 Gen 1 port can be found on the smooth side of case near logo. One can see the status light near the port when the drive is connected. It is always to be noted that while USB 2.0 port is connected it will slow the data transfer speed. This drive can also be formatted according to needs- NTFS for Windows and HFS+ for Mac versions.


Capacities and cost :

According to the price test result, it is clear that the My Passport (5TB) drive cost 3 cents for Gigabytes. It is special in the way that it is also the single highest capacity portable drive that is available at the moment. It is to be noted that My passport's size and weight varies with its capacity. The 5TB drive easily fits comfortably in a shirt pocket. It is listed as the slimmest 5TB drive by WD in its portfolio. The windows version is quite cheaper than the Mac version.


Security and Software :

An issue for portable drives is that there's always a possibility to be stolen or the data can be lost. So, the convenient option can be to backup sensitive information. My Passport addresses this problem with AES-256 hardware encryption and password protection. AES-256 is currently considered to be unbreakable. All you need to do is to install and launch WD security apps and enter password. You'll be prompted for a password before accessing data whenever the drive is connected to the computer. One of the points to be noted is that there's no way to recover data if password is forgotten. Reformatting the drive can be an option, but it will also erase all the data present in the drive. Utilities for the Mac version and Windows can be downloaded from the WD's website. This software allows to reformat, diagnose the drive condition, manage drive's power uses and many more. It also offers WD Discovery to download the appropriate paragon driver.


Performance :

The My Password (5TB) turned in a performance that one expects from a 5,4000 rpm from famed manufacturers. It is top-scored in PC Mark 7 secondary storage test. It is the test that generates a proprietary score based on a mix of simulated workloads such as video editing, windows defender scan and application launches. Crystal Disk Mark tests the read and write speeds for straight-line transfer of contiguous data. Results are displayed in Megabits per seconds which is 131 Mbps. It is also seen better in PC Mag Folder Transfer test and Black magic 3.1 Disk speed test.


Hits the spot for maximum capacity :

From the above specifications, it is clear that WD My Passport checks off all the right boxes for an external portable hard drive. It offers built-in hardware encryption and bundled utilities. If you are in search of more capacity drive My Passport can offer you as many terabytes as per your needs.

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