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What is high quality content? How to create high quality content?

What is high quality content? How to create high quality content?

You as a content writer can only stay ahead from everyone else with solid SEO strategy and high-quality content in this rapidly growing webspace. But one question always sticks for many bloggers, that is how to identify the difference between high quality and low-quality content.

It is not just minimum 1200 words criteria or keyword stuffing because the small dictionary is being ranked in SERPs and automated and keyword-stuffed sites are being hit hard by Google.

So, how is the content's quality determined by SERP?

Many bloggers might think that quality content is only the factors for ranking high on Google but there are other factors to consider too like On-Site SEO, On-page SEO, domain authority and social signals.

Every beginner starts with content but even the well On-page optimized content doesn't place any guarantee in ranking until your content's quality is up to the mark.

If you are a marketer, you should consider creating the popular posts but should come up with the post that ranks high on search engines too.

Now, we will guide through how to identify and create high-quality content for ranking higher in the most popular search engine like Google.

How to create high-quality content?

1.  Your article should be original

People don't like to read the same content over and over i.e everybody hates redundancy. So, you should do detailed research on a topic that you are going to explore and come up with new ideas or slant on old ideas.

For example: If someone is planning to write an article on Best Keyword Research Tools, they will end up copying all the list available on the internet. If so, what is new in your article? Nothing. So, if you are sure about your selection, you can make a list of the Keyword research tools that you are using and can suggest them to your users too.

Above is just an example, so when you try to explore any topic don't rewrite the existing content from the internet but use them to generate your own original ideas and experiences. Make sure to include something that gives new ideas to readers.

2.  Your article should be able to provide practical and relevant advice.

No doubt, the first thing is the original content and in addition, people also prefer to read an article that solves their problems. If you will be able to do this you will be successful in coming up with an article that is unique and useful to your readers.

For example, You wrote a top 5 list of something and this post went viral o social media. You should add your opinion on which can be the best selection and which one to pick. Your listing should not make your readers hard to pick the one which is best and relevant.

3.  You should edit your content before publishing

Many content writers just hit the publish button without proof-reading which in turn affect the overall quality of content.

You should consider proof-reading and editing your article before publishing them. You can consider hiring someone for doing this if you are weak on this point.

You can also install tools like Ginger and Grammarly to quickly find spelling and grammatical errors.

The other awesome tool is Hemingway editor. It is a desktop as well as a web-based tool. You can simply put your written article there and it will display you how many sentences are tough for readers to read and what's the reading grade.

The spelling on high ranking pages is better than the low-ranking pages. The quality of the reading level of your article is also taken into account by search engines. The article which is easier to read enjoys the higher ranking. Consider writing your article on a fifth-grade level even if you are trying to convey fairly complex information. This works.

4.  Your article should contain links to useful resources

There are two types of links that you should have a focus on while writing your content.

•  Internal links

This is linking to your own relevant article within your website. Internal linking helps in search engine optimization.

•  External links

This is the process of linking relevant resources outside your website i.e other web properties for helping your readers dive deeper into the topic that you have covered.

5.  Your content should cater to the reader's interest

You should come up with a content that is of interest to your readers and this in turn influences the machine readers.

Your content will get shared if you provide the content that they care the most about. Your content is probable to rank higher on search engines if it is frequently shared.

6.  Your website should be authoritative

One of the most important question to ask yourself is, does your article adds value to the web? Your created content should add value which in turn results in quality traffic, relevance and links.

Writing content with relevant outbound links also adds value to your content which helps in more and more social sharing.

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7.  Your CTA (call to action) should be prominent

Your CTA should be prominent whether the particular action that you want readers to take or clicked to the link.

8.  Reputed magazines or journals should be interested in publishing your content

Yes, you don't need to care about what typical gatekeeper thinks about your article, but this doesn't mean that your article can be valueless junk.

Try creating a content that stands out and gatekeepers will be interested to publish it when the occasion arises.

9.  Your content should be long, effective and pointful

Yes, there is no ideal length for the blog, but you should try writing long and powerfully. Even if you post twice a week and it ranks on a search engine, it is well worthwhile.

The factors explained above may not include all other aspects, but if you try judging your content considering the above points, you will make most out of it.

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