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iOS 14: Release date, beta and other major updates.

iOS 14: Release date, beta and other major updates.

The iOS 14 has been released. Apple had stated in Apple September event that they would bring the next iPhone operating system update on or later September 16.

They had revealed their products like Apple Watch 6, iPhone 12 and iPad Air on their event. The new upgrade includes widgets on the home screen that break up the stagnant tiled-grip-of-app look, the digital key to unlock your car with iPhone and long-awaited picture-in-picture that allows watching videos on the screen's corner while performing other tasks.

iOS 14: Release date, beta and other major updates.

iOS 14: Beta Schedule and Release Date

Public beta: July 9

Developer beta: June 22, the day of WWDC 2020

Final version: September 16, 2020

Bloomberg has stated that iOS 14 would come in September and Boom! It's here. (16 September 2020). They released iOS 14 developer beta right after WWDC 2020 and the public beta in mid-July. But everyone with a compatible iPhone can download the update after full stable release.

Note: Every iPhone users won't get iOS 14. According to Apple, the compatibility list is from iOS 13 and this data is not changed till date. You will get this update for sure if you got to download the previous update.


Who will be able to get iOS 14?

No doubt, you will get iOS 14 if your device is running iOS 13 currently. You will also get the update if your device is the iPhone 6S or later. Below is the list of device that will be able to download the latest iOS update.

iPhone 6S
 iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone SE (first generation)
iPhone 7
 iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
 iPhone X
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max 
iPhone XR
iPhone 11
 iPhone 11 Pro
 iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone SE (second generation)

iOS 14: App Library and Interface

You will notice a new feature called App Library at the end of your home screen within iOS 14. It allows iOS users to better organize apps. For example, all your social app will appear in one folder and other apps in other categories. On WWDC live stream they showed an example that included all Apple Arcade games.

This process will work automatically but appears only at the end of the home screen. 

It allows you to hide all the apps that you don't want to make visible on your home screen and will get appeared in the App Library instead. If you don't want people to know that you have certain apps on your phone, hide them and find it on the App Library later.

The incoming call interface is also set to change which has been panic for most of the iPhone users. Now, call notification will appear at the top of the screen instead of taking the whole screen. The main advantage of this features is that you can either receive a phone call or ignore it and continue using your iPhone normally.

One new interface feature doesn't use your screen at all. You can navigate through your phone menus by tapping on the rear of the handset with option Call Back Tap. It allows you to set for two or three taps. You can set up this shortcut for controlling your volume or taking a screenshot.

Other new features allow you to return to your original app by long-pressing the back button.

Lastly, you can also change your default app for email or browsers. If you love Google's product, you can set Google Chrome or Gmail to be your default app.

iOS 14 App Library and InterfaceSource:

iOS 14: Home screen Widgets

Widgets will now come on various sizes and very attractive as compared to the previous version of iOS. According to Apple, they learnt the working of widgets on Apple Watch and planned to bring that same functionality across the phone too.

You will be able to pick different sizes which can be used on your home screens as well as Today view on your device.

You can find Widget Gallery on your phone but which apps will get widgets is not so clear. The marketing materials from Apple includes clocks, Apple News, Calendar and many more.

It also allows you to stack the widgets and won't take much of the space on your screen.

iOS 14: App Clips

App Clips helps you if you need an app but don't want to download it. This is a new functionality which will allow iPhone users to use an app without having to download lots of hefty files.

Apple has called these " light and fast" and allows you to access them via a card that pops up at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to use some specific features of some apps without needing to download from the App Store.

App Clips can appear in different ways. For example, they can appear when someone refers to an app within your Messages. You will also be issued NFC tags that may see in your daily life.

For example, you have an electric car that unlocks with an app. Now, you will be able to use the NFC tag and use the app immediately without having to download it on your device.

You will be able to download the full app directly from the App Clip without needing to go to the App Store.

iOS 14  App ClipsSource:

iOS 14: Picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-Picture is another cool update which allows you to watch video simultaneously using some other apps. You can reply message in the middle of a TV shows without having to stop it to reply.

iOS 14  Picture-in-picture.Source:

iOS 14: Siri

The recent update has redesigned Siri. Now Siri won't use entire display instead will appear as a small notification at the top of your device similar to the notification.

This upgrade will make Apple users easier to use Siri. There will also be many upgrades behind the scene to make Siri more accurate and perfect voice assistant than before.

The biggest upgrade is that Siri will now be able to send an audio message for the first time.

iOS 14: Apple pay

This feature isn't confirmed yet but the second version of iOS beta suggests that now Apple Pay might be able to work with QR codes.

This feature will make you able to trigger your payments using the iPhone's camera. However, this feature is not sure to be launched.

iOS 14  Apple paySource:

iOS 14: Maps

Plenty of new improvements can be seen in the Apple Maps. Now Apple Maps will include guides and you can directly get information about your travel place within your app.

This can be a major update for cyclists too as they can search for easier and quieter roads or cycle lanes. It will also tell you whether the road is steep or inclined.

Currently, this feature will be available in New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco and some other cities of China but Apple claims to make it available for other cities around the world soon.

If you own electric car, Apple Map can guide you through specific routes and tell you where you can find the charging stations on the way.

iOS 14: Messages

You will notice a variety of updates in the Messages app that includes the facility to pin the conversation. Now, you can have one particular person at the top of your messaging app using this feature.

Now, you can better customize your character as other updates include 20 new hair and headwear styles for Memoji.

It has brought updates in Groups like inline reply for some particular messages and @mentions allowing it to work more like Slack.

iOS 14: Accessibility

There are no major updates in accessibility but one huge update can be extremely helpful for hearing-impaired users.

You can now be able to set your phone for listening to specific noises such as siren and fire alarm. You will get notified if your phone hears the noise.

Apple states that these features use on-device technology and won't send any of your data on the internet to allow this feature.

iOS 14: CarPlay

Now, with CarPlay you will be able to unlock your car using a digital key if you have compatible cars.

This feature is specially meant for upcoming BMW5 but is stated to come in other models too near future.

iOS 14

iOS 14: Privacy

Apple has always been focusing largely on Privacy and iOS 14 will take it one step further. Now, all the app should ask your permission before tracking you.

You will have an option to share your approximate location rather than your exact location. Now Safari will allow you to see the ad trackers that are attached while browsing the internet.

iOS 14: Smart home controls

Now, iOS 14 will grant you more access to control your smart home using expanded smart home controls available in Control Center.

You can get more automation suggestion with the Home app and don't require manual control over the devices.

iOS 14  Smart home controlsSource:

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