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How To Write SEO Friendly Articles - Beginner's Guide

How To Write SEO Friendly Articles - Beginner's Guide

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy to rank your websites/blogs in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. So to rank your blog on the search engines, you have to do some basic SEO on your blog. If you don't do any SEO to your websites, blogs, articles, pages then your contents, articles will be without any visitors, readers.

If you thinking how to write SEO friendly articles on your blog, or If your thinking does some basic SEO on the articles of your blog. Then you are in the right destination. Here I am going to describe some basic topics about "How To Write SEO Friendly Articles" for your blogs/websites.

Keyword For Your Articles

Before writing any articles on your blog, you have to consider your article's keywords. You have to do some research on your keywords. You can use different types of keyword research tools ( which are available on the internet) for your articles. Google Adword's Keyword tool is one of the most popular keyword research tools, you can try it. Suppose if you are writing an article about "Organic Tea" then your common keyword maybe like green tea, organic tea, black tea, tea, Assam tea, organic green tea, tea leaf, green tea, etc. Once you get these keywords then you have to use these keywords on your article maximum up-to 4-8 times. This makes your article to reach the top on the search engines.

Note: Using the keywords you have to think about the density of keywords which should not have a negative impact on the quality of the articles.

Title For Your Articles

While writing any article ob your blog, You have to think about your article title. The title of any article has a positive impact on SEO. The title of the article should have attractive, shorter, should include your domain name keywords, should be related to your article, and you have to also think about permalinks about your article title.  If you create the title more likely to above techniques you will get more likely to get optimized by Search Engines.

SEO Friendly Content

The most important topic you have to think about it is the content of your site/blog. To place top position on the SERP you have to consider the SEO friendly content. To create SEO friendly content you can use google webmaster tools, google analytics, google AdWords, bing webmaster tools, and more tools that you can search on the web.

So,  creating SEO friendly articles puts your blog/site top on the Search Engines, Which generates a huge amount of traffics on your blog/site. This means more traffics, more visitors, more impressive, more clicks. You can get more amount.

What is SEO and how it works?

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