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How to increase Adsense earning? 5 proven strategies

How to increase Adsense earning? 5 proven strategies

Google AdSense is a Google program for serving text, image, video or interactive media advertisements to the website for targeting content related audiences. All these ads are administered, maintained and sorted by Google. Publishers receive 68% of the revenue for serving ads with Adsense for content and 51% for Adsense for search. 

Adsense earnings can be increased despite the endless Google Core algorithm updates. We are going to explain 5 proven ways to increase AdSense earnings.

1. Publish more content

It is one of the most effective ways to increase Adsense earnings. There is no actual evidence that the site that produces more content will grow more quickly. But many site builders are outsourcing their site to scale their website with a flow of time.

The metrics observed in 2019 showed that site with higher earnings tends to publish more content than the site with low earning. Most of the content writers still believe that long-form content is the most successful growth strategy.

Is the long-form of content actually contributing to higher Adsense earning?

Well, the conclusion drawn from our content study showed that the highest-earning article was 750-1000 words on average.

The second highest-earning was generated by the content of 1000-2500 words and these word counts are believed to be the optimal length for SEO.

And the thing to keep in mind is not to keep the article within the highest or lowest ends of word counts. It was found that articles with words fewer than 250 or greater than 5000 had the lowest Adsense earnings.

You can also study how content length affects other metrics like bounce rate and page engagement time.

2. Focus on creating more video content

We all know that YouTube is the second most popular social network on the web after Facebook. There are over 2 billion active users daily consuming 1 billion hours of video content.

Rather than creating lengthy content publishers are more and more interested to create video content in 2020. Publishers have given it a priority for a reason because video consumption is increase by 59% since 2016.

So why are publishers caring on video content?

It is because Google's SERP is having a handful of video results that appears on the top for certain queries. These results can greatly increase your YouTube channel's traffic and it is the same for your website if you are publishing videos.

Antitrust laws would be violated if Google gave preference to YouTube videos so natively hosted videos also appear in the search results.

Most of the videos that Google displays in SERP are How-to keywords, tutorials, reviews, funny videos, news and sports. It is also observed that embedding videos in the content drive more earnings and engagements.

3. Improve engagement to increase Adsense earnings

Most of people believe and agree that good user experience is the key factor for increasing user engagement. If your content is appealing then they tend to view multiple pages and share them across the social media platforms.

We all are aware of the time on page is positively correlated with the earnings. However, the relationship between website categories, engagement metrics and ad earnings isn't so clear until now.

Here are some of the proven tricks to improve engagement metrics on the website.

1. Write long-form articles considering the inverted pyramid form of writing.

2. Embed video to your website relevant to your content.

3. Keep a good balance of ads throughout your site.

4. If you are writing How-to related content, mention every step clearly.

5. Avoid any kind of mobile optimization error on your site.

4. Diversify earning streams

A survey conducted showed that 25% of the publishers reported that diversifying their earnings were their first priority.

It is being one of the most popular strategies in 2020. But why is it being popular? It is risky to invest your all money into single stock than to invest in many different stocks.

Some publisher regrets for display ads affecting their affiliate revenue or vice versa. But the facts are that most affiliate sites make more earnings from display ads.

Some affiliate site owners have stated that display ads didn't affect their affiliate income. They said they made more earnings from display ads but without affecting affiliate income and traffic.

Here are some of the proven tricks to diversify your earnings.

1. Sponsored content

2. Direct sales

3. Product sales

4. Donation or subscription-based models.

5. Grow the value of ad inventory

It simply refers to increase the monetary value of the physical ad space available on the site to the advertiser.

But how publishers perform this? Have a look at this analysis.

1. A or B testing

What amount of ads are better for your site 4 or 5. Let us consider 60% of the traffic prefer configuration A with 4 ads and 40% prefer configuration B with 5 ads. If you chose the configuration preferred by the majority, you will lose 40% traffic that preferred other configurations.

2. Third-party monetization

These types of site owners jam a lot of ads on their page for higher eCPM. They will definitely earn more in a short time but ad dilution happens in the long run.

Also, more ads on the page cause traffic to visit fewer pages that leads to lower ad earnings.

Keep in mind that a decrease in ads value generates only less money over time because the advertiser doesn't want to make an investment for non-engaged ads.

This is the main reason behind the different behavior of the site. Here are some of the factors that impact ads are.

o Day of week people visit

o Device type

o Traffic source

o Time of day people visit

o Geographic location

o Location of ads

o Number of ads

o Size of ads

o Ad color

So, please make a large team of people to monitor and study the visitor's behavior and generate healthy earning.

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