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How to get more free traffic on your website?

How to get more free traffic on your website?

To define it simply, Website traffic are the users who visit a website. This is determined by the number of visitor (visits) and the number of pages they visit. Incoming and outgoing traffic is monitored by the site to see which parts or pages of the site are popular. This analysis of traffic and the gathered data is used to structure sites, highlight security problems or indicate a potential lack of bandwidth.

Website traffic is very important as it is the driver of the business growth in the modern world. It allows anyone to see how their marketing is working, provides insight about the audience, improve SEO to name few. So, we are here to provide some very useful tips on increasing traffic on your website. This article can be very useful in knowing about the web traffic and ways to generate them.

Your goal is to generate quality traffic right? Traffics are the one who helps to improve your ranking which in turn generates more traffic on your website. But increased traffic is not a big deal if your conversion rate is decreasing. Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who buy something on the site. There are various ways to optimize your site for conversion. You can include calls to action or capture forms in the right place. This helps your visitor to get the right information they are seeking.

Your goal should be to convert driving traffic on your website to leads and customers.

Here is a list of free ways to increase website traffic from Google

 Perform On-page SEO

Your web page is ranked, not your website. There are many SEO techniques for increasing your page rank in search engine and get more traffic. This can include writing succinct meta description and producing high-quality content. The meta description appears below the URL in search results. Through meta description, the visitors can know about the webpage and more likely to click. This is a free On-page SEO technique provided by Google.

Create a free Google My Business Listing

Optimized Google My Business Listing helps to generate 7 times more visitors. It is a great way of getting traffic by Listing links to your website. With time, Google is getting smarter and smarter. The Customer might directly contact your business if your Listing provides all the information.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks is a link from another website to your website. It helps to drive quality traffic if Backlinks are form complementary business or the industry influencers. If the Backlinks if from the trusted website, Google will increase it's trust in your business too.

If Google trusts you then it is sure that you will get a higher ranking. You can get noticed on Google for free with quality Backlinks.

Get listed in online directories

Getting listed in free online directories and online review sites help in generating traffic. Your profile will have a link to your website from most of these sites.  If you actively update these listing and get positive reviews, it is likely to increase traffic on your website.

Your page could rank high for relevant searches as most of these sites have a strong domain authority.

Post to social media

Nowadays social media is very popular. They can be used as a free marketing tool for your business. Using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter helps in driving a huge amount of traffic to your website. Yes, there is a chance that your social media audience can be your website visitors. If your content is sharable, it allows to draw traffic from their networks.

You can create quality content and simplify it for your audience. Creating quality content is free and not so hard as it may seem.

Target long-tail keywords

As we all know that short-tail keywords are searched often. But short-tail keywords are more difficult to rank on Google. Always try to target long-tail keywords which helps in higher ranking even on the first page.

People are using more specific keywords to search due to voice-to-text capabilities and search engine algorithm. So consider discovering the keyword using various free tools that help to find targeted keywords.

Email marketing

One way of staying connected to the customers is to send out regular newsletters and promoting offers through email. This also can help to get more traffic on your website. Always provide useful information to your customers and even provide them with useful links so that they can learn more.

You customers may get irritated if you continuously bombard emails. There is a chance that they might delete or unsubscribe from your emails. So be careful and put only useful information in your email that helps your customers. You will be unable to increase traffic on your site if they never opened your email.

Use Hashtags in your post

Use of Hashtags helps you to extend your reach beyond your network. It helps to discover you if visitors are searching for your products and services.

The more eyes on the link means more amount of free traffic on your website.

Guest blog

This is also a very practical technique for increasing traffic on your website. If you have an industry influencer publish a blog post on your site, it helps to drive traffic through organic search. Promoting the content to the audience helps to add more variety to your content that shows visitors that you are active in your field

You can also ask the particular influencer of your field to mention your business in their review or round-up post. This requires collaboration with the influencer to be an exchange with mutual benefit.

You yourself can also be a guest blogger. See if you can contribute a post to complementary business in your area. Make sure your content is useful and relevant to their audiences.

Engage online

You are in search of more traffic in your business, right? It is completely free to be active on the website and online groups that are relevant to your business. It helps in generating more traffic. Engage actively and comment on blogs or social media posts. Answer the question and participate in the conversations about your business.

Try engaging in a sincere way and avoid including links to your website in comments. Make sure not to hurt your business reputation. View traffics as a secondary result.

Learn from your analytics

Google offers free analytics tools to provide insight into your webpage. The insights obtained from it can help to drive traffic to your website. This provides a hint to identify strategies and type of content that is working and the ones that need improvement.

Use page landing

 A landing page is a web page that appears when visitors click on a search engine result links or Pay Per Click ads. It is very useful for marketing campaigns and helps in determining the campaign's effectiveness. A landing page provides a better conversion than directing all the traffic to your home page.

A landing page is used to provide visitors exactly what they are looking. It can contain offers, a discount code, downloading a free guide, starting a free trial or details of your products. As landing pages are specific, it increases the traffic coming to those pages.

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