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How to fix hotspot connectivity problem in iPhone- Step-wise guide.

How to fix hotspot connectivity problem in iPhone- Step-wise guide.

How to fix the hotspot connectivity problem in iPhone?

Hotspot connectivity problem is common in iPhone in the world of smartphone tethering. Networking issues are the most common problem. There might be several reasons for the connectivity failure which may include undiscoverable hotspot or any other hotspot problem. Here are some obvious ways to fix iPhone tethering.

Make sure that hotspot is enabled

It sounds obvious but you should always make sure that you've turned on tethering in your iPhone settings. Sometimes you might have deactivated accidentally even if it was previously enabled. Your device's hotspot won't be discoverable if it is not turned on. Here are a few steps to check whether your personal hotspot is enabled or not I. Go to settings.

         II. Go to cellular and tap hotspot.

         III. Make sure that the toggle is in the on position.

Once you've enabled it you should see a message underneath that says Now Discoverable. It is always to be noted that hotspot's name exactly mirrors the device's name.

Tethering Setting unavailability

Some carriers disable tethering on their devices for some reasons. This problem is common on locked devices but it can happen on unlocked phones and tablets too. In this case, the tethering option is completely greyed out in the Settings menu. You might see a message that says ( To enable personal hotspot on this account, contact carrier). This problem can be solved by sending SMS to your carrier to enable the Settings. In case APN data is missed then you can add them by going to Settings.

              Settings -> Cellular-> Cellular Data Option-> Cellular Network-> APN settings

Power cycle your device

It is also sometimes worth following the traditional advice of turning the device off and on again in case of tethering failure. To perform this action quickly you can try turning on aeroplane mode, wait 10 seconds and then disable it again.

Try carrying a different connection method

 Most people assume Wi-Fi must be enabled to use a personal hotspot. But it's not true. You can use a trusty USB cable or Bluetooth to make the connection. For using an alternative connection method you'll still need to enable your hotspot device. If you are trying to establish a connection through Bluetooth you must pair your iPhone with PC or other phones.

Try resetting network settings

 For a hotspot solution, you will need to reset the network settings. To do so, you can follow the given steps.

                            Settings-> General ->Reset ->Reset Network Settings

 Carrying this action removes all Wi-Fi and Carrier settings and deletes custom iPhone name.

Reset your phone

The last solution can be to wipe out all operating system along with all user data. To perform this action you can follow the given steps.

                          Settings-> General-> Reset -> Erase all content and Settings

 This action can also be carried out using iTunes. Open the app on the computer and navigate to

                         [ iPhone name ]-> Summary-> Restore iPhone

  Make sure to back up your phone before performing this action.

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